Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Back at the ranch contd

These are everywhere.

Not focussed properly.

My new clematis from the girls which may have wilt.

Sweet Williams - always a favourite and a family name on my Grandfather's side
Sweet Williams
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Luna said...

You have very pretty flower sin your garden Pat. My Mum comes to visit me in July and one of our projects lined up is to start a potted garden in my back yard. I'll keep you posted. :)

Pat said...

My mother used to love my garden and I still have plants that she gave me.
Enjoy her visit.

miss diarist said...

Pat, your garden is beautiful and certainly adds some spring sunshine to our winter days here! I remember tearing up my mum's seaside daisies as a little girl and popping the heads off them, much to her dismay.

Pat said...

Miss D: I used to tear the petals off - he loves me, he loves me not - but I'm grown up now;)