Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A reason to be cheerful


In the forties – as I remember with great sadness – to be told your child had leukaemia was to receive a death sentence. How things have changed – a real success story, thanks to magnificent research, massively helped by noble individuals who have doggedly raised money to support Leukaemia Research. The work continues so I’m going to join Sir Ian Botham on October 10th – along with hundreds of others I’m sure, to do a sponsored 4 mile walk. Trouble is he does walk rather fast so I hope I can keep up, but I’m doing it come what. And having mentioned it here I can’t weasel out of it.

Tomorrow I have a long bus journey to Warminster to visit # 2 son and am looking forward to sitting and doing nothing. Hopefully after I get back on Friday, I can get back on track – house wise, blogwise and book wise. Chaos reigns but we are taking my step-daughter to eat Chinese tonight on a table near the fish tank apparently. Should be soothing.


kenju said...

Our favorite local Asian restaurant has a great fish tank, with tropical fish so colorful they incite wonder! Hope yours are gorgeous, too.

john.g. said...

#3 son!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, good for you, Pat...I admire that you can do that Walk for Leukemia....!
Have a lovely time tomorrow with #2son, and I look forward to your retirn, my dear....!

problemchildbride said...

Kudos, Pat, for doing the walk. The cause couldn't be any more important.

Have fun in Warminster!

PI said...

Thank you all. The comments I left last night have disappeared but then I'm having to sign in even to spit at the moment and possibly I wasn't stone cold sober.

AndrewM said...

Take a slice of carrot with you. Walk up to the tank, reach in and scoff the carrot, as if it were a fish. #2 son will love it!

R. Sherman said...

Be careful, as always and enjoy the stroll.


Anonymous said...

Bonjour PI,

It is very - laudable to devote itself for a fair reason ,I congratulate you with admiration .

Personally I am drafted for the autistes children ,which ,as you can imagine it there is not so for a long time their days finished in psychiatric asylum ... !!

As well as for "SPA" (spondylarthrite)not to merge with animal protection !

Jdid said...

wear comfortable shoes

apprentice said...

Good for you Pat. He has raised a fantastic amount for research. I'm sure there will be lots of people going at their own pace.

Enjoy your break. I love watching fish too, just so long as I don't have to pick one to eat.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that warms my heart Pat. All the best!

My mum was diagnosed with leukaemia at the age of 14 in 1970, an effective death sentence at the time. As far as we or her doctors know, she was one of the first in Australia to survive it.

AndrewM said...

I see that the 9th Somerset CAMRA Beer Festival is on this weekend at the West Somerset Railway Station, Minehead. I trust that you and YTL will be partaking of a snifter on my behalf?

I would be most grateful.

Pip pip.

Kim Ayres said...

Hope the walk goes well. I look forward to your photos!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Hope you are okay Pat....You usually have updated by now...Just checking in to tell you I am thinking of you and Hope All Is Well! It is early Saturday morning here....like 2:04 AM

sablonneuse said...

Well, you have nearly a month to 'train' for the walk so I hope you manage it without blisters or undue aches and pains afterwards. Hope it is very successful overall and you raise plenty of money and support for the research.

PI said...

Andrewm: you're not paying attention: the fish tank was with step- daughter - not # 2 son.

Randall: thanks - it was lovely! and rather more than a stroll matey:)

Crabtree: those are very noble causes and you deserve many kudos.

jdid: I ave a great pair of Aigle boots which are so much more comfortable than my climbing boots although not waterproof.

Anna: I'm looking forward to it after my foray this week-end.

Miss Diarist: that's a great incentive. All best wishes to Mum.

andrewm: drat we had to miss it. So much catching up to do.

PI said...

Kim: meanwhile I've done another walk. Photos Monday.

Naomi: back in business on Monday when I'll pop round.

Sandy: I did 6 miles this week with my son so feeling confident. I expect most of the money will come from me and the family as I'm rubbish at asking for it.
How are you coping with site- meter. They don't recognise my code name, my password or even my blinkin' post code!!!!!