Monday, November 05, 2007

Lovely Day
Kinetic Watch

Implements to adjust kinetic watch

Table Scatterings

The old courtyard
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john.g. said...


kenju said...

It appears it was a wonderful day for all of you! Thanks for sharing, the photos are very nice.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Lovely Lovely, Pat....I can't get over the "tools" one needs for that Kinetic Watch??? I am going to have to look that up!
What a pretty place and wonderful room!
I LOVE those litle glittery colorful 80's...I have used them myself but for my 70th....and my 60th, too...They are just darling!

Z said...

The wrist of the elusive birthday boy himself? Hooray!

Daphne Wayne-Bough, said...

YTL has a well-turned wrist.

PI said...

Johng: I expect y ou know what it does:)

Judy: the last of the stragglers have gone and we are alone again.

Daphne and Z: it's like Gypsy Rose Lee!

Shane said...

Kinetic complexity.
Dunster reminds me of Barnard Castle, in County Durham.
I like your photo-tripping style.

Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

I'm trying to extrapolate his face from his wrist but...nothing. maybe if you show us an ear? Would he go for that?

PI said...

Shane: I wish I could get the sequence right and the copy in the relevant place.

PI said...

Naomi: the watch and tools are very much a boy thing:)

Sam: there was a nice photo of the two of us and I wondered if I could black out his face as it would show our symmetry together - but it was beyond me.

BreadBox said...

You are always soooooo good at making me feel nostalgic for the UK -- your pictures just evoke this little twitch of "mmmppphh" inside me, making me realize I've been away too long.... now I just have to figure out how to afford bring LOML and the children as well!

Thanks for the memories,
Michele sent me this morning,

PI said...

Breadbox: it's expensive travelling with kids I know.