Wednesday, September 05, 2007



September 5th: twenty two years ago today we moved in to our much loved family home. All the family have visited regularly over the years and towards the end of Mum and Dad’s life we moved beds downstairs to make it easier for them. We couldn’t do it now. It is too big for us but as long as the family want to come and visit us we’ll stay here.

Why have the powers that be fiddled with the programme numbers on the digital box. I was looking forward to the first episode of the final series of ‘The Sopranos’ and was thwarted. Last night I found there was a repeat on E4 but again the number given in the Radio Times didn’t work. Finally managed to get E4+1 which is the programme repeated an hour later. Bit late for me but I watched anyway. Presumably I have to retune the box, but how?

Must do some work and will put the rest of Tropiquaria up later on.


Z said...

Happy anniversary. We moved here 21 years ago on 23rd July. I'm not big on anniversaries, but we know that one because it was the day before our youngest's 2nd birthday.

Usually, one likes to have the space one is used to, and it's just bedrooms that are unused most of the time. It's the garden that gets too much.

Sim said...

Happy house anniversary!

And you should be able to retune your digi box via the menu - there shoudl be a button on the remote

Drama Queen said...

22 years! And bet it feels like yesterday?

R. Sherman said...

I could never understand European, especially German, television. Nothing is ever on at the same time each week. Very frustrating if one is trying to catch a serial.


Kim Ayres said...

Wow. 9 years is the longest I've ever lived in one house. Most average about 3. I blame my parents who always moved a lot. Dad reckons we have gypsy blood in us somewhere.

PI said...

Z: MTL is very big on anniversaries. That's why we have so many but I did remember this because 5 is our lucky number which has occurred over and over again.

sim: I worked out how to get menu but then didn't know how to go from there. It still says E4 Sopranos but there is another programme showing.

DQ: it certainly doesn't feel like that many years but than I don't feel like that many years:)

Randall : I noticed on my US trips how much more customer friendly the Americans were.

Kim: that would account for the bandana? A touch of the Petulengro's:)

rashbre said...

they keep renumbering and renaming things on Sky, too.

PI said...

Rashbre: they really should get their act together and consider the viewers.