Friday, August 24, 2007

Upstaged by the partyboy!
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Catherine said...

You both look very happy there. In answer to your question, our trip is only a week away and we will be in the UK for almost four weeks. Which is not, of course, nearly long enough to see everything I want to see.
I'll blog about the trip, of course, but mostly when I get back as we probably won't get on line too much while we are away.

PI said...

Catherine: have a safe trip and I look forward to hearing all about it. I wonder where you will go? we are due to have some decent weather which has started already.

BreadBox said...

PI: lovely photograph, and I can see how you'd be upstaged! I love these stories you've been telling too:-)

November Rain said...

hi from michelle

cute baby ;)

PI said...

thanks Breadbox: that's nice to hear.

PI said...

Welcome November rain - but not too much!

Kim Ayres said...


A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Very cute photo and story to date. I hope I have some pictures of my and my boys loking that cute. (well the boys will look cute, I always have helmet hair)

hello from Michelle

Bob-kat said...

Cute photo - really lovely. I have read back through the posts too adn I love the story about the sieved carrots! I trust you're not still deluged by them from heinz? LOL!

Michele sent me to say hello!

PI said...

Kim: back at ya!

army: I'm sure yours will be just as cute.

Bob-Kat; alas no. They are not long the days of wine and carrots.

SpanishGoth said...

I am still blown away by how gorgeous you are now, and were back then.

If I wasn't in love, I would invent a time machine, travel backwards in time and attempt to seduce you. Failing that I would travel to the future and persuade the old me that this had been done.

Shit, now I'm confusing myself

Te quiero y besos XXX

November Rain said...

Oh sweetie your not an idiot just confused it can happen no sorries no worries hun :))) Just all happy smiles

and little HI-Ni shakes :))

thanks for stopping by my blog anyway LOL

apprentice said...

Goodness he was quite the star wasn't he? This is a lovely happy picture.

And you fitted in a friend, I'd have been knackered after all that.

zoe said...

what a gorgeous photo - both mother and son. is he addicted to heinz tomato ketchup or baked beans now ? ;)

kenju said...

What a wonderful keepsake you have there. Both of you look fabulous!

sablonneuse said...

Out of action for a few days due to visitors and there's lots to catch up on. Anyway, I've enjoyed reading your last few posts and loved epoiside two of the Heinz advert. The director abviously hadn't had much experience of baby feeding if he didn't foresee a shirt splattering!

Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

That looks like a Belgian waffle he's whacking you in the teeth with.

PI said...

That's odd! the comments I left last night have disappeared. Ah well!

Spanish goth: that's really sweet:)

November rain: you are very gracious.

Anna: Vanessa and I shared our glee at our changed circumstances from being student nurses.

Zoe: he says he never eats baked beans - no-one in his house does. His daughter regards ketchup as part of her fruit and veg rations
and is one of the five major food groups, along with crisps, chips, chicken nuggets and chocolate.

Thanks Judy!

sablonneuse: it is bank holiday after all. I have a busy week - family coming on Thursday and my first blog meet. More later!

Daphne: it probably does; it's his hair brush actually.