Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Idle Chit-chat


Oh the delight of a new hair style! For years I have had the same hair-dresser – a charming man who - as he often maintained, knew every hair of my head and frequently waxed lyrical about the state of it. So what’s your problem you may ask? Well the problem was that he was quite proprietal about it. And I would ask him to take it over to this side, to make it less heavy there, to cut it in close there and he would sweetly ignore me and do what he had been doing for years. And absolutely no tinkering with colour or tints would he contemplate. So I would go in every seven weeks or so for a cut and blow dry. Often I would be the only person there as he has lots of other interests and I often felt he was just doing my hair as a favour.

We arranged that he would do my hair the day before the wedding and I was to phone and remind him. I started phoning a week before and each day there was no reply and no answering machine. I assumed that he had decided to stop hair -dressing in favour of his other pursuits. In desperation I rang a number someone had given me, got an appointment with the stylist she had recommended and walked into a lively buzzing salon. She hadn’t time to cut it but still gave me a respectable hair – do and yesterday I went to her for a re-style .Now I have a chic new coiffure and mixed emotions of liberation and guilt. Next time we are going to consider highlights.

Most Fridays I go over to visit Michelle and participate in her ‘Meet and Greet’- see side bar. Last week- on the pretext of raising money for charity someone tried to change the rules and hi-jack the Michele’s site for his own purposes. This infuriated lots of bloggers and would, I imagine, harm the charity he was supporting. Like most people I have regular charities I support, and occasionally am tempted to support an on-line one BUT only if one can do this by snail mail. I suspect quite a few people of my age group feel like this.

At last a TV programme that MTL and I can enjoy together and if you like mountains you have to watch it. As an actor I find Griff Rhys Jones too quirky but in documentaries such as ‘Mountain’ Sunday BBC1at 9pm he is just the job. He starts in North West Scotland with Monroes – mountains over 3000ft, and then Skye. Later there will be the Lake District and Wales- all our old playgrounds when we were younger and stronger. Even if mountains leave you cold (can there be such people?) The photography is awe-inspiring. Can I get you a coffee?


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Congrats on your NEW Hairstyle! It is kind of liberating, isn't it....What do you suppose happemed to your long time guy??

I missed ALL of that over at Michele's....It seems that very strange things have been happening over there in recent months..ALL of which I read about but ALL of which I have missed! Like, "casper"? Never have seen ne comment he has made. And tgis thing you mentioned....never heard saw a word about it till reading you right now, Pat...It's like the world over at Michele's has gone!

Come on by if you get a chance..More dear Hummingbirds are up as of about not quite three hours ago.

I'm off to Zzzzland in just a few minutes, my dear...Hope you have a WONDERFUL day!

belle said...

I think the thing over at Michele's was the Connie and Roxette thing. I didn't understand it but saw all the relevant posts/comments got wiped.

Know what you mean about proprietal hairdressers - mine is the same and the fuss and bother to get her to let me go grey gracefully ... !

Z said...

I changed hairdressers two or three years ago - I felt dreadful about it, but she had such a convoluted private life and she talked about it all the time (and it was so going to end in tears) and my hair was being cut worse every time. It seems impossible to actually say you are leaving though.

PI said...

Naomi: I've yet to discover what has happened to him - nothing serious I'm sure or I would have heard. He once left a client with wet hair and went off to buy Christmas decorations.
I think the offending stuff over at Michele's was removed and quite right too. Hope you are having a good ZZZZ and will pop over when I've finished this.

Belle: this was in addition to the Roxette thing - a Peter I think. Fortunately Michele has good friends who look out for her.

We should all rise up against the facism of hairdressers and get'em to do as we say! Trouble is we are mostly nervous of upsetting them.

z: well done! You struck a blow for down trodden women everywhere.
There comes a time when you have to say to yourself 'It's my money and my hair!'

Sim said...

I've tracked my haridresser over three different salons now. Was exhausted by the time I sat down in the stylist seat again.

As for new hairdo's. My mohter crieed when I got a fringe and wept when I cut my hair short. It's now long. It's been long for over ten years and before I cut it short, it was long for 21. Praise the Lord for lo-lights!!!

kenju said...

Pat, I'd love to see a pic of the new you!!

The meet 'n greet was messy last weekend, wasn't it. I would NEVER support any charity the way he did that. I don't do money stuff online anyway, since I don't use credit cards online. Like you, I p[refer snail mail for such things, if at all.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Your hair smells sweet unto the sugar pines, or something like that.

This is a sort of saying like "he is just the job." What kind of language is that?

PI said...

sim: I've never been able to grow my hair longer than shoulder length.
Fortunately I don't like long hair on elderly ladies. I do believe there is a lot of truth in the saying that hair is a woman's crowning glory. Low lights sound fascinating.

PI said...

Judy: as I said to MTL- it's a work in progress. My hair has a mind of its own but I'm working on it. Glad you feel the same way about on-line stuff.

PI said...

Hoss: you say the sweetest things! 'Just the job!' is an archaic way of saying 'exactly right' 'spot on''A OK.'
I give it to you as a present and you may use it whenever you wish.

john.g. said...

Come on Mum2, let's have the photo!!

PI said...

John: mmmmmh! We'll see.