Friday, August 03, 2007

Two helpful boys. They told us they missed the flood this time but five years ago it was badly flooded.
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Bob-kat said...

The flooding as bad where my family live in Gloucester.

It's nice to find two helpful young lads. Where I live so many of them seem to be antagonistic it's easy to forget there are just as many good kids around!

Michele sent me to say hello again!

PI said...

bob-kat: the boy on the bike was very keen for us to walk in the other direction so we could see his garden. Maybe next time.

Mr. Althouse said...

I love these photos, but this one speaks to me. I can't think of anything that says "serenity" more than a gently babbling brook.

Michele sent me,


PI said...

Mike: I realised after I had taken the boys photos that we are not supposed to do that now, but that's a world I don't recogise.

Carmi said...

The picture of the boys is just oblique enough that they can't be easily identified. I think you're pretty much in the clear in this case, Pat. But you're right: it's an issue I wrestle with every time I take my camera out in public.

Even taking pictures of my kids gives me pause: you never know what you'll also pick up in the background. Suffice to say I use very narrow depth of field to throw background elements waaaaay out of focus. Even so, I always worry about being challenged by strangers for even taking my camera out of its bag. I've got a 300mm lens on my Nikon - it's quite long and conspicuous, so I always fret when I use it.

Anyway, sorry for rambling. This is a lovely image....beautifully composed. I'm glad you shared it - and I'm also glad you were so kind on Michele's blog and on mine. I'll tuck in now, as it's been a long day and a long night.

PI said...

Thanks Carmi! It's good to have your thoughts on this tricky subject.