Friday, May 11, 2007


I bet you think I’m never going but I just had to tell you this. Our departure is imminent and MTL noticed another swarm outside the gate near the property above us in the lane - comparative new comers. As a neighbourly thing to do MTL phoned them and told them and asked if they would like Julian’s number ( the bee-keeper who would have taken our swarm.)

The neighbours thanked us and said no thank you to the bee-keeper because – guess what - they keep bees! And we almost gave their bees away!
As Quarsan would say 'bluddy ‘ell!'

Back soon – don’t go away!


kenju said...

That was good luck for the bees that you saw them there! (and for their owners).

Goalie said...

Pat--you referenced a "shower" on Kath's blog. Just want to make sure I'm pronouncing it correctly when I use it on a friend who "knows everything." Is it "shower" like a bath, or "shower" like "one who shows?"


OldHorsetailSnake said...

I trust they will not be victimized by a sudden evacuation. We need all the bees we can get.


I used to catch the big fat bumble bees when I was a baby in a pram and roll them gently between my finger and thumb then let them go. Never got stung and never hurt one. Weird kid that I was.

Amy said...

The house is truly beautiful and you're bound to be having a lovely time!

Happy American/South African Mothers Day Pi hun, I hope that it is a good'n.


Shyha said...

Just want to say hello!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOl...Oh My! Well, a good thing hat the Bee Man didn't just destroy their swarm...!

apprentice said...

Great free honey coming up! The cottage looks completely chocolate boxy- enjoy!

meredic said...

Its the interwebby thing. I dont think there is an 'away'.

PI said...

Judy: it was eagle eyed MTL who spotted them. I wouldn't have recognised the big black clump!

goalie: it is shower as in rain and bathroom. Terry Thomas - an old actor /comedian used to call people 'a perfect shower!' in a posh accent.

Hoss: no-one in this neck of the woods is going to harm the bees - bless 'em!

4D I can see you doing it too!

Thanks Amy - it was all good!

PI said...

Hi Shyha! Lovely to hear from you!

Thank you Naomi. Back to the grindstone!

PI said...

Anna : I agree but inside it was extremely practical with all you could possibly need.

PI said...

meredic: without a laptop - and i am laptopless - one feels 'away':)