Sunday, May 06, 2007

Margaret’s Garden Part 2

I glanced through the kitchen window this morning and noticed a swarm of bees round a shrub with orange coloured flowers that I call burning bush. It’s Sunday Bank Holiday – naturellment - but we have left a message with ‘Jim’ a pest controller and meanwhile are lying low.
Here are the rest of Margaret’s treasures.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I had to pop over and tell you that your comment about agents and publishers making an orderly line cracked me up. Thank you! I needed that lift!!!

Sorry you've got bugs... it seems to be that time of year again!

kenju said...

Honeybees are in sharp decline around here, due to some mysterious blight which is killing them off at an alarming rate. Maybe you should call off the pest control guy?

kenju said...

Oops, MIchele did it!

Kim Ayres said...

You don't have to worry about bees, it's the wasps that go for you. You could try and find their hive and if it's owned by someone, demand some honey!

PI said...

Susan: happy to oblige.

Judy:he probably won't turn up. It's that sort of place. Thay seem to have buzzed off now. I'm used to them when I'm gardening and often tell them that thanks to me thay have flowers so they'd better not think of stinging! We also are threatened with a shortage but not here!

Kim: see above. My step-daughter is staying and she insisted we should ring the council! We have had a couple of wasps nests over the years- I've been stung and the controllers say not to worry they'll leave soon and they never come back to the same nest. So that's alright then!

rashbre said...

I sort of agree with some of the other posters that bees are generally sociable and keep themselves to themselves. I suppose if its close to the house then you may need to do something.

Your click on my site to quicktime (in a separate window) was deliberate. It takes you to the advertisement where they paint whole buildings with colour. A sort of reference to my over yellow sofa.

Hmm. Oh well.



PI said...

Rashbre: it was close to the house but seems to have disappeared. Sociable is fine but beekeepers wear protective clothing and we don't have any. Fingers crossed they are not all lurking in the bushes waiting to pounce!
Sorry about missing your ad thingy. I'll have another look.

Nea said...

If you could add the smell as well that would be really perfect.

I can't think of a good way to show you how to link in the comments window because if I type in the code it will turn into a link, I think.

But, I can't usually remember how to do it anyway and tend to google for a site like THIS.

Which I did by typing

angled bracket
reversed angled bracket
angled bracket
reversed angled bracket

This probably doesn't make much sense, but you can try the link, and when things don't work for me it's usually because I've missed something tiny like an equals sign. It won't work if anything is missing.

PI said...

Nea: thanks for that. Each time I read it - it sinks in a little more and I have put it in a special help file.
Smell- o- vision would be great as long as you could choose which smells:)

apprentice said...

Hope you survived unscathed -another option would have been to find a local bee-keeper who might have been willing to smoke them into a box to take away.

Gosh things are about 10 days ahead of here, my peonies are still buds.

Beautiful garden though, lots of really chioce things.

Eryl Shields said...

Your photographs are gorgeous.

I always have masses of bees in my garden and they never bother me. They only sting if you threaten the hive, apparently.

PI said...

anna: yo are lucky to have buds on your peony. I am still waiting after four years! Thanks for inspiring today's post

eryl: thank you and see today's post for update on bees:)