Sunday, May 06, 2007

Two rhodos

Montana Freda

Rock Penstemon

Looking across the valley from the garden
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Polly said...

It's a Sisyrinchium, Pat. I have this one, a yellow one and also a purple (grandiflorum) which has long stalks.
Now, peonies, I planted one two years ago and I am not sure what they are supposed to do but I had one gorgeous flower on it last year and this year lots of stalks appeared and then I found the small unopenned flower heads had been eaten (I think) by something. Any ideas??

PI said...

Thanks Polly - it's good to have some experts around.
I think peonies are jolly difficult. I long for a flower. I do know they don't tolerate being moved. Don't know what would have eaten your buds - little baskets!

Kristi Mantoni said...

What a garden!!! Good luck with the swarm.

PI said...

hi Kristi and thank you. All clear at present.