Saturday, April 07, 2007

Pulhams Mill

It was a little chill to lunch in the garden

Pauline Claments - illustrator and designer.
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Oracle said...

Hey PI

I have made a couple of edits to make things a little clearer but the tickets are for the Launch of an art exhibition and the tattoo is additions to the tattoo's on my site ;)

PI said...

Thanks Oracle - I'll be over.

kenju said...

Too bad it was too chilly to eat outside. That setting is lovely!

Jack said...

Can you please tell me where Pulham's Mill is, for the next time we're over there? And is the food good? It all looks very charming.

PI said...

Jack: Pulhams Mill(no apostrophe from them)is in Somerset. The address is:
Pulhams Mill
Brompton Regis
TA22 9NT
Tel (01398) 371366
E mail{
they also have a self-catering cottsge.

We had a very good vegetarian meal- from choice. Cakes looked yummy!

PI said...

Jack; sorry just checked the cottage and it is

Moogie said...

Too bad that it was chilli outside. I would love to eat in a garden like that.

PI said...

Moogie: maybe a dish of chilli con carne would have warmed us up:)

Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

Ooooh, daffies! I love daffies.

PI said...

Sam: You'd love the villages we have just walked through on our next leg of the Coleridge Way (coming soon at a cinema near you). The banks leading down into them proliferate with daffs and primroses.