Sunday, April 15, 2007



Hello to the bluebells popping up in my garden joining the symphony of blue – gentian, grape hyacinths and forget me nots.

Goodbye to the Bluebell who has been my friend for ten years. When I look out of the kitchen window she isn’t there and I didn’t even get to say farewell. MTL thought it would be kinder, once we knew it would cost a king’s ransom to restore her to proper working order, to take her straight to the knacker’s yard.

So we’ve down-sized to one car. What with our obligatory no flying, we are becoming greener by the minute. No regrets - the joy of driving on the open road has long gone and I now have to get proficient in driving the family car – avoiding jutting walls. That’s what really did Bluebell in when I took the girls to the Brendon Valley. Fingers crossed and wish me luck please.


sablonneuse said...

Oh I do wish you luck driving a bigger car after being used to yours for ten years, but I'm sure you'll manage really well.
I'm kind of looking forward to getting back to driving after several years of eye problems so my progress will be much slower.

PI said...

sablonneuse; good luck with yours. At least - hopefully - your roads aren't so crowded. Don't bank on being slower than me!

kenju said...

Good luck, Pat! You'll get used to it fairly soon, I am sure.

Michele sent me today.

PI said...

Hope you're right Judy!

R. Sherman said...

I think you're ready for a Triumph TR-6 with the top down and wind sending your hair behind. Maybe with a scarf and driving goggles, I should think.

(When I was in high school, I dreamed of a red TR-6; needed it to get dates, you see. "The name's Sherman; Randall Sherman.)

Cheers, dear.

PI said...

Scarf Randall? Do you want me to do an Isadora? I did have a Triumph Spitfire. Deep sigh!
Have you given up on the red TR6?

R. Sherman said...

Well, dear, I am approaching "Mid-life Crisis" after all, and I think I do deserve a convertible. The TR-6 was too finicky a vehicle, I think. One had to have mechanic on 24 hour standby to make love to it when necessary to get it to start. I'm thinking about one of those BMW's after I finish paying the kids' tuition.

I think I can sell it to the EMBLOS on the theory that mid-life crises require either a) a convertible or b) a tawdry affair.

I'll let her choose.


PI said...

Randall I don't ask much of life but I really, really want to be there when you moot this with EMBLOS.

Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

I wept as a child when we sold our Ford Cortina. I worried the new owners wouldn't love it as much.

Bluebells are my favourite spring flowers.

PI said...

Sam: isn't there a tune 'Bluebells of Scotland' I'm sure I used to murder it on the piano. We've got family till Wednesday so I ought to be off the computer for a few days. We'll see!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Those jutting walls. So sneaky. Pop out at innocent drivers just like that. Good luck with the family car, Pat.

PI said...

Thanks GG! I'll be giving the sneaky narrow lanes a miss I suspect!