Saturday, November 18, 2006

We shall be here for a few days to celebrate our 27th WA. see you on Thursday.  Posted by Picasa


Polly said...

Ooo, that looks lovely and cosy. It is supposed to rain and blow gales next week so you will be in the right place. Have fun and behave yourselves lol (i.e. not tooo many nightcaps in front of the fire)

PI said...

Polly: it usually rains when we go there - especially when we unload the car, but we'll just hunker down, eat, drink and make merry.

Dr Maroon said...

It does look cosy.
In a room like that, I would have a couple of kirs, then a couple of brandies with my coffee, such cold nights, then a couple of malts, then a couple of kirs, a couple of brandies with my coffee...

see you Thursday.

PI said...

Hi Doc: doubt if I'd be able to keep up with you but expect to be fairly mellow! Sorry about the trouble with my comment box. I think it's all part of a plot to get me to 'beta' myself!

Z said...

Have a lovely time, you young newlyweds

z (33.5 years and counting!)

Ah. WV is broadrer. I think it's getting personal!

PI said...

z; thank you and congrats. I'm puzzling over WV. Am I being thick?

Larraine said...

I got stuck on the math! 27 yrs married, 30 years separation... did a wee back-track to some of your earliest posts - NO WAY!!! Pat, you write like a woman at least 35 years younger (ie, my age!). Only with a lot more wisdom.
I hope you have a loverly break!

PI said...

larraine: just call me Methusula. I was married 28 years the first time so we hope to beat that record with luck. I'm so glad you don't think I sound like an old bat. I've always been a late developer!

Z said...

Sorry, Word Verification. Those sad people with nothing better to do look for words among the random letters.

*Slinks away, embarrassed*

R. Sherman said...

Congrats, Pat. I wish you many more. As for the photo, it makes one wish to curl up with a stack of books and take a few months off.


MKWM said...

Congratulations and many happy returns, Pat. May you & YTL enjoy every moment in this cosy love corner.

zoe said...

happy wedding anniversary - and wow, what a destination ... i sometimes wish i was married simply to get away to such beautiful places.

i hope you and the mr are having a lovely time :)


Happy Anniversary!! Have a great time. (n ta for the hug)

AndrewM said...

Just a thought - why don't you preface each post with

The story continues





Or are you enjoying the initial confusion???

Or is that just too damned organised?


Guyana-Gyal said...

Now that's a good reason to stay married!

Happy anniversary to you and YTL.

PI said...

z: don't be embarrassed. WV and BB like to make fools of us all - bless them!

Randall: reading and crosswords - eating and drinking were the main activities!

mkwm: thank you and everyone for your very kind good wishes.

zoe: thanks dear. You must get Quarsan to take you to the Lakes - if he hasn't already. One of our favourite places.

4d: pleasure! Hope Sunday went well.

andrewm: I know it makes sense and will try to remember. Sometimes I really wish I had been to business school and learnt filing etc. Mine is appalling. I like my home to be neat and tidy so why can't I organise my paper work?

Thanks GG:)

granny p said...

Wow! (Place and 27 years. Hope it went well - welcome home xx

PI said...

grannyp: thanks - all went well apart from the weather! Just been reading in Tuesday's DT about a ray of hope for Spanish villa holders. Did you see it? If villa holders can show innocence - good faith - when they purchased, then all should be well. Hope this is so.