Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Just had a letter from Kate further to our chat on Sunday:-

“Sorry about this but have only got your 4 digit telephone number and can’t get through on the phone. Anyway here goes:-
Moel Hebog is the mountain near Beddgelert which you and I went up on our own- coming down into another valley and getting a lift in a P.O. van into a town where we then got to Caernarvon and back to Betws Garmon – having phoned Plas to say we would be late for dinner! Good luck with all your memoirs – what a job
Much love and best wishes.”
So there we are. How could I have forgotten? Anyway I’m sure there was a fog. Strange how history repeats itself – being late or missing dinner and coming down the wrong side of the mountain which I did again years later with Maddie in another part of Wales.
Thanks Kate!


AndrewM said...

I'm not sure about doing live updates to your story as you are going along. I'd just got to understand the difference between the 'story' and 'real time' stuff. If we're going to have a third category, 'real time updates to story' my brain could melt. Or is this just a benefit of blogging, replacing revised editions etc, that I am too dim to understand?

PI said...

andrewm: sorry! I desperately don't want to confuse anyone - even you - more than I am confused myself. Will try harder to do better.

Andrew said...

I was delighted that you took the time to drop by "To Love, Honor and Dismay" and leave a comment. I appreciate it!

All the best,

PI said...

andrew: I enjoyed reading your post and found the advice you were giving really helpful. Strange how things seem to be 'in the air'. I did a recent post on bipolar problems and tonight is Stephen Fry's documentary on it which I shall be watching

Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

Pat, if you have time, could you drop me a brief line about what the Stephen Fry documentary is like? Either in my comment box or here or my email is on my site if you like.

I'm really sorry to miss that. I don't know if I'll get any opportunity to see it over here.
I have the same thing as him which I only just realized a few months ago when I heard about this documentary. I've always loved him and I'd dearly love to hear what he has to say about being bipolar.

PI said...

Sam: I'll do my best.