Friday, September 01, 2006

'WHAT IS THIS LIFE...'  Posted by Picasa


zoe said...

oooo, i've never seen a cottage with a bread oven before. and it's a shame that the car managed to sneak it's way into the beautiful second photo - even so, lovely photos :)

PI said...

zoe: my fault! I did it quickly before the man became aware. It was the only car so was probably his.
I'm still struggling to get the order of the shots right. I've learnt to start with the end but the b-----s in the middle mix themselves up.

Z said...

I have no idea why photos come out in the wrong order, but now I note the titles (or numbers, whatever they are saved as) in the order I want them, and cut and paste accordingly before posting.

There is probably a better way, but this works for an incompetent amateur like me.

PI said...

Z: I do mine through Picasa where you put photos four at a time on a holding tray. I need to concentrate more - as usual.