Thursday, September 28, 2006


I watched Stephen Fry's second programme on Manic Depression but this tinme didn't take copious notes. I understood the two prorammes were a quest to discover the right treatment for him - after years of no treatment whatsoever. Although he explored the merits of drug therapy, ECT and cognitive therapy with fellow sufferers he didn't appear to come to any conclusion and one was left hanging.
Or did I miss something?



My GP once told me I was a manic depressive. I said "How? I love life and find a laugh everywhere" He said "Exactly. You're too happy"
Uh? Sorry. I promise to be a bit more miserable in future!

I've finished dvding n all!

PI said...

Hi 4d: re lovely Jax's post - I'm sure you knew Adam was/is manic depressive? Happens to the nicest people.