Thursday, April 03, 2014

Early Morning in Minehead

Minehead waking up
The magnolias need a dull day to make them visible from my bedroom
My camera batteries don't last five minutes these days so thinking of my cruise in May I visited the camera shop and discovered batteries that don't need recharging, that last 'for ever' and are virtually weightless.
However my Sony VX is now quite old and the memory cards are different so the camera man is trying to find me some.  I really don't want to replace my camera.


LL Cool Joe said...

We get used to a camera don't we? I had to buy a new point and shoot recently and the battery life on it is much shorter then my old one and it bugs me.

Lovely photos, the magnolias look amazing.

Exile on Pain Street said...

If you're taking a cruise in May I'm going to have to insist that you upgrade your camera. Sorry.

Granny Annie said...

I would imagine you can find the memory cards you need on eBay. But your probably should take Exile's advice and upgrade your camera.

Pat said...

Joey: I wonder what you bought

Exile and Granny Annie: I can't bear it. I love this camera. Why do I have to?

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I understand your feelings about not wanting to give up your beloved camera. My suggestion? Don't give it up. But maybe look into a newer version of the one you love, while keeping the old one and still using it. There may be something out there that suits you and is a kind of up-grade from what you have.
I LOVE my camera, even though I am unable to use it as much as I used to because of my Health Issues, BUT, if I felt the need to get a new camera I would try to upgrade, staying with the same make I have at present--it has served me well.....
Good Luck, my dear....
That Magnolia looks GORGEOUS!!!

maurcheen said...

I wish mine head was waking up! Still fuzzy, still in the bed.
I used to buy Euro/Pound shop batteries for my camera, false economy. The more expensive ones do last quite a long time, ask the bunny!
My neighbour had a beautiful magnolia tree but she cut it down last year because it was blocking light into her living room. Pity, it was beautiful in flower. :-)


Ponita in Real Life said...

Pat, those are lovely photos! I love the magnolia tree. They don't grow here... it is much too cold in winter.

I went from a little Sony point and shoot to a full fledged DSLR that I can change lenses on and also do HD video. It's been quite the learning curve but it takes fantastic photos! There are many nice little cameras out there that would be suitable for you. Perhaps the same make as your current one but just newer? Then some of the features and functionality will be familiar. It's unfortunate that technology goes obsolete like it does.

angryparsnip said...

Your Magnolia tree is beautiful, as your garden is.

I had one in my home in Laguna Beach and it was espalier on a wall of the house. Fabulous dark green leaves and creamy blooms.

cheers, parsnip

Pat said...

Naomi: you have given me food for thought:)

Maurcheen:;; Minehead sleepy? When we drove around Ireland no-one seemed to stir before noon and when I visited one of my Granny's relations he was still in his Jamas:)

Pat said...

Ponita :I feel that is good advice. I have enough techie problems without giving myself more.

Parsnip: there is one in Porlock growing up a house and the blooms are enormous.

maurcheen said...

No Pat, I was doing a funny, as in mine (my) head? The one on my shoulders, the one that has been sick for the past week. I'm sure Minehead (your place) is a very lively spot.

BTW.., it is against the law to arise before noon in Ireland, some of us are only getting into bed by then. :-)


Pat said...

Maurcheen: I'm sorry to hear you are still poorly. I may have to come over.
Alastair and I had come to that conclusion (re early rising.)
Listen to your body and get well soon.