Saturday, November 09, 2013


Helen Heraty - Folie a Deux.
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Anonymous said...

one could be forgiven for wondering if she was taking on York Minster as well!

at least the roof is OK!

I need someone to fix my alarm in LOML's absence - would your chap wend his way north, do you think?

Guyana-Gyal said...

Is that the 'house' that's being made-over? I'm reading a VERY OLD Mills & Boons that I've discovered, 1960 something, and I think there's a 'house' like that in it :-D

Pat said...

Rosneath: the trouble is - as you can imagine - he is very popular.

GG: I'm assuming that is the house. I'll know more after the programme but as Rosneath points out that is York Minster in the background.

Keith Smith said...

I take it that it's the mansion in the background, and the scruffy building in front is the potting shed?

Pat said...

Keith: all will be revealed no doubt. I'm wondering about the conical construction in the middle.

Keith Smith said...

"the conical construction in the middle"? Oh, that. That's the escape pod in case something goes wrong and the they have to get back to the mother ship in a hurry.