Friday, November 22, 2013


NOW - can we finish the garage roof?
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maurcheen said...

I'm on me way, just have to pick up my taller pal on the way. (He was out carousing again last night so best make lots of coffee!) ;-)


Granny Annie said...

The earth says hello:)

Pat said...

Maurcheen: kettle's on:)

Granny Annie: with a sunny smile for a change.
A friend has sent me a card reminding me that it is my
34th wedding anniversary tomorrow!!!!!

John Greenwood said...

Lovely sunrise! xx

angryparsnip said...

Goodness what a beautiful Sunrise. What a wonderful view to wake up to everyday.
I get so caught up in the sunsets (which are spectacular here in Tucson)
that I sometimes forget how beautiful the sunrise are.
Lately I have been staying in bed and playing with The Square Ones and watching the sky light up. We can do that now that sunrise is later.

cheers, parsnip

Chef Files said...

Patricia, my dear lady, if you need a roof repairing all you have to do is ask. The English no longer turn us back at the border, as long as we sign the declaration promising not to steal their cattle, molest their womenfolk and drain their rather feminine drinking establishments dry that is.

I've had a man out today to look at the remedial work required to your roof. It will take 3 days to do at a cost of only £800 per day.

Cash please... I know what you crafty Dorset smugglers are like.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Phee-pheww (whistle whistle), what a wake up call!

LL Cool Joe said...


Pat said...

John: thanks:)

Parsnip: I suspect you are an owl rather than a lark - and why not:)

Chef: too late - the boys are here and on the roof - totally out of sight so they could be playing draughts for all I know.
Did you forget you told me never to pay more than £100? The drink can do that you know.
I see your geography hasn't improved. It must be difficult keeping track of all your female fans.

Pat said...

GG: but can you actually whistle?

Pat said...

GG: but can you actually whistle?

Mage said...

Congratulations, and happy roofing in the sunshine.

Pat said...

Mage: they come back tomorrow for a final coat(fibre glass) and swear it will never leak again:)

Chef Files said...

Glad you are nice and dry again my dear Patricia, can't have rainwater getting into the bathtub now, eh? Weakens the mix something shocking. I know just how hard the wind can blow down there in Cornwall.

I have only ever had one important fan dear lady, very special she is too. I just hope that she coped well during what must still be classed as the 35th year.

Keep the faith.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Yes, I can, my brothers taught me when I was little, and now I'm better than one, haha.

Pat said...

Chef: x

GG: clever girl:)