Thursday, April 05, 2012

Women nurture whilst men...

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Judy (kenju) said...

What a gorgeous plant!! No wonder you were worried about it. I sure hope it recovers soon.

A friend trimmed a cleyera for me several years ago and left no shoots or green at all. I was heartsick. It had to be cut down to the ground afterward.


what an incredible plant, pat! truly magnificent in all ways - may i ask its age? it's just what i need for the cottage!

so wonderful to drop by your place and catch up on all your fabulous family stories - all rich with love and caring - beautiful!

thanks for sharing!

Pat said...

Judy: the smell is so heavenly. I'm going to double nurture and whisper sweet nothings to it.

Gypsywoman: it was thriving when we came - in 1985. At least 30 years old I should guess. I hope you start one and enjoy it.