Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Never say Die

All day I have been trying to do a post on our trip to Luccombe.  Eventually I managed to get some photos published – and checked they were there.  The next time I looked they had vanished so I deleted the empty squares.  Eventually tried again and the same thing happened with the result that Naomi (side bar) when trying to visit got the message that the page didn’t exist. I gave up in despair.

 Meanwhile – heart in mouth I signed up for Google chrome hoping it might improve things.  It didn’t.  I emailed Blogger – making up an address and just at bedtime tried just one photo.  It worked so I tried another four and then another four.  As far I know they are still there.  Does anybody know what is going on?

No wonder people are fleeing to F.B. blogging is becoming a trifle onerous.

Night night!


Scarlet Blue said...

I haven't a clue what's going on, but all your pics and posts are on my reader and they look lovely.
I upload all my pics from my pc, and have now learnt to label my files so I know which ones to click on.
I hope Blogger sorts itself out soon, it's driving everyone potty.

mapstew said...

All your (quite lovely) pics are there Pat. I had to switch to Chrome a few days ago 'cos Blogger would no longer allow me to post! But I must say I am quite happy now as everything seems to be running much faster. Hope it settles down for ya! :¬)


Pat said...

Scarlet: I stil haven't masterd the uploading and labelling but I persevere:)

lom said...

Have you tried wordpress?

Rog said...

Lovely pics Pat - onward and upward!

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Your pics are fantastic. You have an excellent eye for composition. More of the same, please.

It's a fact: blogging is on the decline. The #1 reason is that nobody reads them! You'd better do it because you enjoy it. FB is less of an effort.

R. Sherman said...

Do you use Picasa? I had that problem some years back, before I started posting using the Blogger photo icon on the post composition page. I think it's something to do with bugs in Picasa.

Nice pics, BTW. I hope you post about the trip.


Pat said...

Map: thanks - that is cheering:)

LOM: every time a new name crops up I shrink inside.

Rog: deep thanks:)

UB: I love it when it works and when you say nice things about my pics.

Randall: yes - for better or worse I do use Picasa. I used to use the blogger icon but because of my lousy filing I find it difficult to find what I'm looking for.
After a while I forget what I am looking for.

john.g. said...

No problems here, as you can from my last post!

Pat said...

John: just been over to see your fantastic plants.

Mage said...

I use Snapfish for the photos and Firefox for my browser. They both work well together.

john.g. said...


rashbre said...

Yep - the pix are there. Maybe one of the services was down for a while. It used to happen with Blogger as well, way back when.

Granny Annie said...

Oh I had the same thing happen to me when I tried to go to your post. I thought maybe you had scheduled the post and it just wasn't time so I was getting "page doesn't exist" message. Sorry I didn't have the sense to tell you. I've since seen that happening to a couple of others. Finally I can see your beautiful post. It was worth the wait.

Pat said...

Mage: I have at least half a dozen names that appear on my blog - Orange, Thunderbird,Google, Firefox et al - butgoodness knows what their function is.

Rashbre: at present its a very hit and miss affair. Usually if I persevere it works in the end but I'm getting the same problem toight, trying to draft photos for tomorrow. Such a time waster.

Granny Annie: I have to keep checking it hasn't disappeared and if it has delete the post so as not to confuse people.


i'm not having probs with blogger, pat, but, rather, with FB! for months i've been unable to even view all but about 15-20 of my friends - i have sent at least 5 messages to the only place i could find to send messages and have left posts on FB about the friends issue - all to no avail - never a response - never a fix - then, just this week, i am unable to pull up ANY friends whatsoever - when i click on the two places one can click for "friends" nothing at all comes up - nothing - before, at least i would get some silly message that said "oops! FB has a problem and we're working to fix" or something to that effect - also - this week alone several comments just disappeared into thin air - literally - there one minute and gone the next - including one of your comments - i'm so so exasperated with FB i've considered opening a new page to see if i can get one that will work completely - it's a mess as far as i'm concerned - so i don't know - seems every time one of these sites starts "improving" we are all in for a rugged rocky road -

and so it goes in this virtual world!

by the way, your images are wonderful!!! love them all!

Pat said...

Jenean: I don't take FB as seriously as blogging so don't get so frustrated. I always seem reach a page haphazardly and don't really undrstand how it works - or really care. But I do enjoy my scrabble.
Glad you like the pics:)