Monday, April 09, 2012


I’m still being patient with regard to my book but have been given some useful links for publishing on eBooks.  Has anybody had personal experience of this?


Granny Annie said...

I have several self-published books by fellow bloggers but I'm not sure if they used ebooks or not. They have turned out some lovely and interesting books. Can't wait to get my hands on yours.

Pat said...

Granny Annie: I hope I don't have to keep you waiting too long:)

Keith said...

I have written essays and turned them into eLeaflets just mainly for family and friends. I have also designed eBook jackets for various people.

I think the big problem will be the marketing unless you let people download for free from you, and trust them to send you the money, bearing in mind that not everybody is as honest as us and they can make copies of the book.

Once your book is in a downloadable format there are various companies who will handle the details like producing a website that gets peoples details and payment (via Paypal?) for you and also make your book uncopyable once they have downloaded a copy. This prevents them from making copies for friends etc. Of course they would want reimbursing either by a fee or a percentage of the sales.

If you type into Google something like "Making an eBook" or similar you should get quite a few sites to help you.

I'll design the cover for free if you like.

R. Sherman said...

Not I, but when you find a good one, let us know.


john.g. said...

I'm afraid not,but, I sometimes think about writing one myself!

Pat said...

Keith: thank you for that and also for your very kind offer. The info I have covers doing it through Kindle. Money is not the main objective so I would keep the price low but not free.
It seems you can get as little or as much help with the production and marketing as you wish - at a price.
I'm at the early stages and trying to absorb the info.

Randall: as ever I would take you with me on the journey:)


pat - some very well known and professionally published author friends of mine are doing their next book through "smashwords" an e-book self-publishing company that they are raving about - you might check it out -

Pat said...

From a newspaper report today:

Educated at the esteemed Sydney Church of England Grammar School, followed by the London School of Economics, xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx can claim to know a thing or two about elitism.

I won't publicise his name.

Pat said...

John: that's a great idea. You really have a story to tell.

Gypsywopman: thank you Jenean - I'll investigate:)

angryparsnip said...

A blogging friend has had a publisher and has opted for self publishing. She is very happy with her choice.
I am have trouble linking so just go to her blog page and read what she says about self publishing.
Windchaser's Journey

cheers, parsnip

Keith said...

Pat, if you publish in the Kindle format ONLY people with a Kindle reader will be able to read it.

The most popular format is 'epub'. All other eReaders, and there's at least 15 different ones, can handle this.

My eReader is a Sony 300, so I can't buy any eBooks from Amazon. Now I buy from Waterstones and W H Smiths.

Pat said...

Parsnip: thank you. Personal experience is what I'm after. That will be most useful.

Keith: thqat's a nuisance. I buy all my books fron Amazon.

Macy said...

What Keith said about ebooks Pat - not all of us have a Kindle or alternative gadget...
I'm keeping my fingers crossed you get a book deal

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I've not had any personal experience with this, but I know a few people who have. From what I can gather, it can be a hit or miss experience, depending on the company you are dealing with.....Research each company very carefully would be the berst advice I can give, based on the three people I know who have gone this route. All these people chose Self-Publish, but from what I can gather, there is STILL a lot that can happen, not to your liking--IF the company does not live up to their Promotional Materials.
Not sure any of what I said is helpful, my dear....Sorry, if it isn't.

Pat said...

Macy: oh dear - me too Macy.

Naomi: Yes you are right - it is not as straightforward as first appears. As usual I shan't do anything in a hurry. And I'd prefer to have the bility to use photos.