Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Our Lovely Visitors

They arrived late morning after a difficult drive so we decided to go no further than Porlock and had lunch at ‘ The Old Ship Aground’.
As you can see the weather was good and the sun was so hot I covered my bare chest with a napkin – then forgot to remove it for a photo so that one is NOT included.  Today is freezing with a bitterly cold wind, howling gale and snow up north – so we have been blessed whilst they were here
We enjoyed meeting our granddaughter’s boy friend.  He is a charming young man – just a shame he has the same name as Alice’s brother.  My other grandson’s girl friend has the same name as his sister.  Great confusion!
# 1 son has more grey hairs then meJ

They left this morning and had an excellent 3 hour journey I suppose everybody is going west for Easter.  They actually left twice as # 1 son left his jacket.  I realised after they had gone I had been so absorbed with the young I forgot to give him his hug – so perhaps he came back for thatJ

They have been schooling me with the kindle (it has a beautiful blue leather jacket) and I think I have the hang of it now.  Thank goodness I’ve finished Michael Palin’s Diaries 1969-1979.  It weighed a ton.  I have started a free mystery and just bought Julie Walter’s ‘That’s another Story.’

 It isn’t going to replace real books for me but will be a very useful addition.  I have just had some very interesting info from our Australian son about Kindle self publishing which I shall investigate further.

More later.


The Unbearable Banishment said...

I have the same first name as my brother-in-law. It's no fun at family gatherings.

Don't abandon books! Put down that Kindle before it's too late! Just because something is better doesn't mean you should use it.

LL Cool Joe said...

I enjoyed the Julie Walters book. One of my favourite sketches ever is her as the waitress.

The roads seem very quiet at the moment, maybe because everyone is too scared to use up their petrol!

Granny Annie said...

My grandfather was very superstitious and he taught us NEVER to return for a left item because that was bad luck. I've waited for many a follow-up visit to retrieve something important or have had to pay postage to have it mailed to me because I know better than to return for it. However, a forgotten hug might be more than worth the risk.

Scarlet Blue said...

Have you been having problems with Blogger, Pat?
I think it's a widespread problem... driving me potty.

Pat said...

UB: I could never abandon books - hav no fear.

Joey: that sketch reduces me to tears and helpless laughter every time.
Petrol or the frightful weather.

Granny Annie: ooh I hope Grandad wa wrong. At lest they are home safely.

Scarlet : I'm always having blogger trouble. This post i had to do in two because it wouldn't accept words with pictures - although it behaved perfectly when Alice was here.

Pearl said...

Have tried to love my Kindle, but I still love my books -- not to mention that I find them at garage sales for 50 cents apiece...

I don't see any pictures this time around, but I love the last few you've posted. Such attractive people!!


Pat said...

Pearl: there is a gap between the words and the two pictures. I don't know why but was having trouble trying to publish the words and pictures together.
My kindle was £100 with leather case. 50 cents! Wow!