Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A bit of a snag

I’ve just been test driving the new Kindle.  I downloaded Julie Walter’s autobiography That’s another story – I have been a fan for years and was confident it would be a good read and it was – but where was the lovely cover photo of Julie?  You don’t get that in a Kindle

The first third of the book is about her childhood and her unique family and one can understand where Julie is coming from and why she is so special

I found it difficult to put the book down - especially as it is so much easier to hold the Kindle when one is prostrate in bed, rather than a heavy tome.  I was about a third of the way through - you can see the percentage already read at the base of the page - when MTL became concerned at the sight of my heaving shoulders and tears trickling on to the pillow.  I was reading about her early nursing years and she was dealing with elderly patients dying.  I’m a little ashamed to say they were tears of uncontrollable laughter.
I remember being in the same state when I saw the Victoria Wood sketch with Julie playing an elderly waitress.  Seems the older I get the funnier I find it.

She has had a long and varied career on stage and screen, won countless prestigious awards both here and in the USA and seem to have come through it all unscathed and unspoilt.

I have to be honest and admit that when she is writing about the time she lived in Soho and her early days on stage I did cringe a little.  I remember working in Soho in the fifties and in those days found much of it distasteful and tried to rise above it and carry on working.  Even now I find a little sleaze goes a long way but Julie exposes it and almost revels in it.  I was glad when she got on to the fascinating story of becoming a formidable actress with the ability to have her audience moved to tears or helpless laughter.

One really gets the feeling that no ghost writer was involved, as if one was having a drink with Julie and she was telling her story- and she is not afraid of long sentences which furthers the illusion.

Back to the Kindle –I missed seeing photos of her loved ones, her childhood, her triumphs, her loves.  I have no doubt many of these are in the book proper (and the next time I’m in WH Smiths – I’m going to check.)

I often want to go back to reread a particularly moving excerpt but – as Beleek(see sidebar) pointed out this is not so easy with Kindle and at one time I thought I was going to get a Kindle thumb from turning the pages – but I soon got used to it.

In conclusion Julie’s book is well worth reading and the Kindle is a useful tool – and I’m glad to have one- but it can never replace books proper - so rest easy UB.

The fact that- as far as I know - there are no photographs in Kindle - is food for thought with regard to publishing an autobiography.  And also – as Macy and Keith (sidebar) point out any other e-book won’t carry a Kindle story.  Or do you know differently?


Rog said...

Two SOUPS Sir?!!!!

Pat said...

Rog: don't start me off!

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Yes, well, thank you for that but I can see you're finding out how NOT special Kindles are. Fortunately, it's not too late to turn back. Do you know what I miss? Record album sleeves. I used to spend hours pouring over the artwork and the list of musicians and using the ones that unfold to clean my marijuana. Try doing that with a mp3 file. Or a Kindle, for that matter. It's all over. Society is doomed.

I always get Julie Walters and Joanna Lumley mixed up, bloody Yank that I am.


you know, i have a new "tablet" with which i am still experimenting in terms of its uses - and i shamelessly confess i have had my 9 yr old granddaughter "teach" me that little bit that i can do - in any event, i've not used it enough yet to realize the thing of book pictures you mention and i'm really not liking that aspect at all - the bottom line for me, too, is that while these little gizmos may be convenient in many ways they simply can never will never replace the real thing - a book in hand... anyway, about julia walters - loved her in educating rita w/michael caine - have a great day, pat!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I'm afraid The Kindle just doesn't interest me because I guess I LOVE the feel of a book in my hands when I am reading. And I LOVE seeing photographs in an Autobiography or other books, as well. I'm sure there are things about The Kindle that are pluses---but, I'm not sure they are enough, for me.
This book sounds wonderful, Pat---I've always liked Julie Walters----I will have to get it in the old-fashioned form....(lol)

john.g. said...

I didn't get a Kindle, as I found the dowload cost more than the book!

Pat said...

UB: I never tried marijuana - clean or dirty mindful of the adage:
not every one who smokes pot ends up on hard drugs but everyone on hard drugs started with pot.

YOu MUST sort your Julies and
Joannas. Joanna's persona is normally posh although she can do down and dirty as viz Absolutely Fabulous
Julie's normal persona is below the salt, working class, a bit common - whichever of those descriptiions you find least offensive. Their common thread is great comedic skills with no vanity at all. Great gals!

Pat said...

Jenine: you're way ahead ofme. I keep meaning to find out what tablets are:)

Naomi; Yes do read it Naomi and tell me what you think of it.

Scarlet Blue said...

I think you can get a Kindle with a keyboard thingy now... so you can make notes on the pages... I haven't got one, but am thinking about getting one.
I have boxes and boxes of books... I would probably never sling them in favour of downloads... but a Kindle could be a future storage solution!

Macy said...

There's probably a place for both books AND kindles. I love the idea of being able to take about fifty books away on holiday with me - but equally I love being able to see the cover, and photos, and the way a book just gets personalised the more you read it.

I won't spoil it for you, but there's a couple of really memorable passages after her mother dies.

Pat said...

Scarlet: I'm still finding my way round it. I can manage the reading but haven't quite mastered the reordering.

Macy: yes I'm happy settling for both.
Julie is a good and very honest writer.

Mage said...

I have such trouble holding books now, my hands hurt. I understand the Nook has color and images.

Pat said...

Mage: Nook is new to me. Thank you - I'll investigate.

Granny Annie said...

I have a Nook on my computer but haven't used it yet. Our library allows downloads free for e-books and I keep thinking I'll try one. My best way to enjoy books these days is by audio book cds that I can put in the player and go about my daily work at home.

mapstew said...

A friend of mine just posted 'Two Soups?' on FB, and it still brings me to tears no matter how many times I watch!

I love techy stuff, but I LOVE a real book. :¬)


Pat said...

granny Annie: you are much smarter than me tech wise.
All wise:)

Pat said...

Map: there was another one with Victoria as a waitress and the catchphrase 'Is it on the trolley?'
Almost as hysterical.

Eryl said...

I'm sure I get pictures on my Kindle, and there's a new colour version available now, I believe. I do, though, prefer actual books for anything with photos, and tend to use my kindle only for straight prose. It is very handy in many ways, but not perfect.

Lovely review, thank you, I'll put Julie's book on my list.

LL Cool Joe said...

Love both Victoria Woods and Julie Walters and that soup sketch is a classic. I showed it on my blog a few years back I think. I also loved the sketch in the shoe shop with both of them together, do you remember that?

I've seen Victoria Woods a couple of times live, and she really is so funny.

I got half way through Julie Walters book and then stopped reading it, not because I wasn't enjoying it, but real life got in the way.

Pat said...

Joey: just refreshed my memory with the shoe shop sketch. Thanks for the laugh.
I stopped mid-way with John Peel's book and Michael Palin's Diaries 1969-1979. Just completed the Diaries. Interesting.
You can always pick up where you left off with Julie when you have the time and inclination

rashbre said...

The standard Kindle does permit monochrome pictures.

I get my newspaper delivered to it over 3G and there's usually a picture at the start of each article.

To add a bookmark to a page just select a word and then hit the select or menu button. It even puts a little turned over page at the top.

On mine (which has a keyboard) you can also add notes.

rashbre said...

...and I thought I'd quickly pop a few pictures from the Kindle onto flickr just as a sort of demo. They are at the link below...


Pat said...

Rashbre: thank you so much. Now why did they not put the odd photo with Julie Walter's book I wonder.
If I self publihed on Kindle I would want to include some photos.
I have a small key board too and if I stop reading it always opens where I left off.
Reading on Kindle I'm findng quite painless.