Friday, February 18, 2011

Something I sing to myself when I'm feeling blue. Wish I could whistle.


Jimmy said...

Singing and breaking wind, I enjoy expelling air at both ends, but no usually at the same time.

I picked up both habits fae Scarlet by the way.

Scarlet Blue said...

I was going to slap you at Ponita's for the driving comment! But I will slap you here instead, Mr Jimmy!
I don't know, back 5 minutes and already causing chaos!

Apologies, Pat, I enjoyed the tune.

Pat said...

Jimmy: as you get older you 'll find you can do both together, perfectly easily. I'll bet you can whistle.

Scarlet: how did he know you were here? Uncanny! Pardon the pun.
Glad you like it even if it is a bit Pollyanna.

Mike and Ann said...

Just been singing along with it (well, took the base line anyway) surprised how much of it came back. As you say Pat- bit Pollyanna, but why not occasionally? (Oh well, as 4Ds would say - There goes me street cred.)
Regards, Mike.

Sausage Fingers said...

Welocme home Mr. B.
Just in time for the end of the season

Queenie said...

I love it too! Thanks for the reminder.

Pat said...

Mike and Ann: thanks to Sting I now know the verse.

Sausage: excuse me for interrupting but what season is that then?

Queenie: hope you're singing along

Granny Annie said...

Lovely fun. Oh I wish I could whistle. My dad was an excellent whistler and it always fascinated me.

angryparsnip said...

When Spring finally comes to your part of the world all you will have to do is just look out your window and see your beautiful garden. That to is a song.

cheers, parsnip

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I don't know this song---It certainly is a perky uplift!

Dear dear Pat....thanks for your very sweet words. I agree with you on all that you said---it's just right now, the actual 'fact' is very very hard to fathom.
One of the things that is a wonderful bonus where Betty is concerned is all the film and tape and DVD things that are out there.
And, by the way,There is a wonderful "TRIBUTE TO BETTY GARRETT on YouTube by Rick McKay, the fantastic man who's brilliant film "THE GOLDEN AGE OF BROADWAY" is such a treasure. This clip is almost 15 minutes and so great---He included Betty talking about "SPPON RIVER"....if you can spare the time--it is a gem of a video.

Pat said...

Granny Annie: it's a gift. One of my school friend's mother whistled beautifully and she would perform in public. She was tiny with an enormous bosom and looked like a pretty pouter? pigeon.

Parsnip: yes we've just planted fragrant lilies - something to look forward to.

Naomi: I just watched the tribute and Betty's great warmth came through. An excellent interview and I've put it on Face Book.

Sausage Fingers said...

Pat, may apologies just an attempt to say hello to JB. FOOTBALL season

kenju said...

I can't whistle either (too many spaces between my teeth) :-/

Pat said...

Sausage: of course:) I'm happy to be his Poste Restante - as long as he's around.

Judy: maybe that's why I can't.

Sheri said...

Love this little tune---and also love Sting. Two instant hits for me, luv.