Monday, February 14, 2011

Trying to be green.

Don’t get me a Valentine’s card this year. The one you got last year was so lovely you can use it every year from now on – just sign it each year – it had about six pages.’

‘Thems’ were my green intentions – also specific shopping is not so easy for MTL now. But somehow he had already bought one. However we have cut down on chocolates –just four heart shaped ones and I gave one to Sheila. And we have decided not to eat the special meal we bought as we still have gorgeous beef to eat up.

I made a great big fuss about nothing. The meal I was getting in such a stew about yesterday was ace – you can always tell by the total concentration folk give when they are eating it. We had a pleasant week-end and went to the Bistro Saturday night where we were all tempted by their pies, mash and gravy with different flavours for each. I had minty lamb pie, cheesy mash and garlic gravy. We decided the French, due next week – all five - would love it

The desserts were delicious – I had a boozy chocolate brulee and J had a passion fruit concoction. The next morning I asked DIL if she wanted to see some shots I’d taken and she said didn’t I remember I had shown them to her the night before? I said I probably had more than one glass of wine so tend to be hazy about events. It seems I had a kir before we left because the pub where younger son likes to have a drink first, sometimes has vinegary wine. Then DIL persuaded me to have a sweet wine and then I had a glass with the meal – as you do. Oh and then the boozy dessert so you can see I was practically on the floor.

Last October when I visited them for a few days my son trying out a new camera did a video, talking to me about my childhood, the war, his grandparents, his father and general family history. I had mixed feelings about watching it. Playing a part on stage is one thing – being me, alone on camera, another kettle of fish. Actually it wasn’t too cringe making and here’s why. I was physically very comfortable – curled up on a bed with cushions propping the potentially achy parts and I found it quite comforting to be fondling one of the big soft floppy toys that happened to be close by.

My interviewer was encouraging, attentive, relaxed and humorous. Throw in a glass of wine and voila. I was relieved with what I saw and although it still has to be edited, it made me laugh. Wish I could think who it reminded me of.


debra said...

So good for your family that you've done this,Pat. I talked to my late mother-in-law about filming questions about her life, and she agreed we'd do it, but we never seemed to find the time.

Eryl said...

Isn't it wonderful when something you've cooked renders people silent like that?

Pat said...

Debra: I did it with my mother but it was almost a year after her death before I could bear to look at it.

Eryl: it's an example of actions speaking louder than words:)

lom said...

I am glad your beef made it.

Pat said...

LOM: momentary crisis of confidence:)

R. Sherman said...

You look great on the telly!

As for videos of memories and family history, I keep meaning to do that with my mom but life intervenes. I need to get that done to preserve those memories, otherwise they'll be lost.


Pat said...

Randall: you said it. First you have to get her whole-hearted cooperation - maybe enlist the grand-children to help.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I hope we get to see this Vudeo, my dear...What a great thing for your son to do! You look GORGEOUS in that photo....!
I hope your shoulder will be better very soon, my dear---That Cortisone shot sounds like a good thing to do....! And pain is exhausting!! I know with my Hip---it is very very wearing.

Mike and Ann said...

The Christmas before last one of my granddaughters told me she was 'doing' the First World War in history and started asking me about it. "Go and ask your Great Gran" I told her "She remembers it". Ten minutes later I walked ito the drawing room, and Great Gran had five or six of the grandchildren round her holding them spell bound with an account of a night time Zeppelinn raid she'd witnessed in Sheffield in 1916. I wish I'd got a video of it (especially as she's no longer with us) but at least it'll stay in those young memories for another sixty or seventy years.

Pat said...

Naomi: I hope to show it eventually if my son allows it.
Unfortunately the doc says no-one would give me a cortisone injection with such good movement. I go to physio and X-ray on Monday. Just have to grin and bear it although the grin is a little fixed.

Mike and Ann: wouldn't that have been a great picture? But you have it in your memory and so will they.

nd Ann

Guyana-Gyal said...

Your son's right to do this, 'tis why I've been collecting stories from my mother. I have tons of notebooks filled with stuff. I should do like your son and film her.

Pat said...

GG: all you need to do is get her relaxed and happy and away you go.
Now my mother wasn't easy and I had to keep pretending the film was running out then continue for a while.