Thursday, March 11, 2010

Time for a Spring-clean.

Not the house – me. So I’m off for a facial and a head and shoulder massage to face a new decade with equanimity. The end results may not look much better but certainly make me feel good and the blissful time on the table is the nicest way to induce total relaxation.

On Monday March 8th I did a post on the use - or misuse - of babies in TV drama. As other people seemed to feel the same way I thought it only fair to go to the horse’s mouth and e-mailed the director of ‘Five Days – Toby Haynes. So far he hasn’t replied but in contrast -after another post I did ‘My Frank Opinion’ about Frank Gardner OBE on Wednesday February 17th I had an email from him yesterday thanking me for my kind comments and hoping I enjoyed his book Blood and Sand. I’m enjoying it so much MTL has excerpts read to him each night at bedtime.

I had a fright this morning when - about to finish off the last two chapters and epilogue - I found my document (if I haven’t worked on it in the last few days it disappears from Word and floats in the nether land but with the help of Windows Explorer I can find it) but could not open it and got that awful dumbbell instead of an arrow. After switching everything off and starting again with a quick prayer I was still getting a ‘not responding' message when suddenly it worked.

Everything seems to take forever these days and I suspect the computer needs a good seeing to so Tim – who sorted out my printer is coming next week to fix it. Fingers crossed.


Queenie said...

Pat, please tell me you keep a back-up? If not, could you email your work to a trusted friend or relative who would store it on their hard drive for you?

The Cloudcutter said...

Enjoy the facial! I love a good facial and foot massage.. best way to feel pampered.
Good luck with the computer, am sitting with my heart in my mouth!

mapstew said...

Enjoy your pampering, and here's to a new decade!

Fingers crossed you find everything where it should be on your 'puter! :¬)


Pat said...

Queenie: I have got backups but of course I keep tinkering so they are not totally up to date. However with this -please God - final revision I have sent all except the last two chapters (and they are almost ready to go) to my son who then prints it out. The next time one of the kids come I'll get the latest version put on that blue flashing USB thingy.

Cloudcutter: thanks for your concern - I think it will be OK so heart back where it should be:)

Pat said...

Mapstew: it was enjoyable except I ate my lunch too quickly and with the angst from the computer got reflux on the table. However my skin feels great so it was worth it:)

Four Dinners said...

Jolly nice of Frank Gardiner to reply so promptly and nicely. Not entirely surprised the 'baby bloke' didn't.

What can he say? "Oh babies cry all the time"..?

Carol rates me as a masseur...but I'll say no more...;-)

Sounds like the pc just needs a general 'clean out'. Deleting unneeded files and stuff that downloads you don't even know about - hopefully not virus related but if you've a decent 'protector' like AVG it should be ok.

Be a wee bit careful of Norton I'm told.

No idea babe. I'm technologically illiterate!...;-)

Four Dinners said...

oops...Gardener...must have tought he was French...;-)

Z said...

You look as pretty as you ever did, and I hope you're more relaxed now. Much happiness to you in your new decade. I like the start of decades, although so far with me, the downslide to the next seems to be going pretty well too.

I didn't leave a comment at the time, but I agreed too with what you said about babies in drama.

Jimmy Bastard said...

Come the 15th of March, I doubt that there will be a prettier, more beautiful woman within a thousand miles of your home, who will be celebrating her birthday with such style.

Naturally beautiful inside and out... that's our wee Pat.

Pat said...

Four D: I get confused too because I've had a boy friend Gardiner and a Gardner but Frank is Gardner. Yes it was nice of him and you're right about the other. I'd rather not hear than be fobbed off.
I've had Norton for about four years and would hesitate to change. Hopefully all will be well after Tim has done his stuff.

Z: I'm glad you agreed about the babies and thank you for the kind comments. What with Mother's Day as well it's all getting a bit much:)

Jimmy: thank you and I'll remember that when clouds gather and the sun disappears:)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Good Luck with those Computer/Printer Pronlems, my dear....It certainly is aggravating and scary when these things happen....! And deeply discoberting, too!

Pat said...

Naomi: it certainly sent my blood pressure up a notch or two.

savannah said...

glad to know you're doing regular backups, sugar! i like the you idea of personal spring cleanup. i think i'll book one for next week, too. and maybe, one for the laptop as well. we're both running a bit slow. (miss daisy is on her on for this one - maybe her daughter can plan something, for a change!))


R. Sherman said...

I'll not join the "back-up" chorus, but I'm glad you found it. Have a good weekend.


Pat said...

Savannah: yes you deserve a spring clean and then you'll be all relaxed and chilled when himself gets home. You also deserve a medal for being an ace DIL.xoxoxox

Randall: thank goodness I finished it today and a copy has arrived safely at my son's.

Guyana-Gyal said...

You are oh so right to take care of you. Sometimes we forget!

Yesterday, my pooter stopped. It shut down. I switched off, restarted. Darn salt air and humidity, I think. I'm still depressed.

Happy pampering. I think that's what I'll go do too. It helps, doesn't it?

Pat said...

GG: it really does and if we don't love ourselves a bit how can we expect anyone else to.
I really hope I can sort the computer; MTL was catching up on my posts and couldn't believe how slow it was. What happens is I get impatient and having clicked n something then go an click on something else then the puter has a nervous breakdown. I'm putting my faith in Tim:)

Eryl Shields said...

Glad to hear you're facing the new decade with equanimity, and a finished book, well done!!!

Have a lovely prebirthday weekend, XXX

Pat said...

Eryl: thank you. I'm glad I have busy week or I would feel discombobulated:)

Kevin Musgrove said...

Glad you found the document. Norton has some nice clean-up tools but all the space you gain is grabbed by Windows updates.

have a good weekend

Pat said...

Kevin: yes those up-dates are a bit of a worry. I've been ignoring a java up date for months simply because I don't know what in tarnation it means. Bet your garden is beginning to bloom.