Saturday, March 20, 2010

I’m worried.

One of my oldest friends J – we were toddlers together - has always, for the last thirty years, remembered my birthday as I have hers and I had a chat with her in February on her birthday. After a day or two I realised I hadn’t heard from her and then had an anxiety dream about her. Yesterday I phoned and left a message asking her to phone when she could. When I got no answer today I phoned E the third member of our toddler trio and she only had Christmas contact with J so knew nothing. We all live far apart.

I went to the hair salon today for tomorrow’s lunch party and the computer had no knowledge of my appointment and the stylist was up to her eyeballs. This is when one wonders if all one’s marbles are intact. Happily there was someone to do it but I needed to know what had gone wrong – it was all down correctly in my diary. At last the computer revealed that the appointment had been booked for February20th instead of March 20th.

‘But why didn’t you ask why I didn’t turn up? ‘ there are dreadful penalties for this as a rule. I suppose as I booked it a month early it confused them and I’m relieved that it wasn’t my mistake. Anyway I’m going to put worries and anxieties on hold until Wednesday when the fun will be over. The weather report is good for tomorrow.


Madame DeFarge said...

Hope you hear from your friend. I always work myself up into an anxious state, even although shouldn't. Rarely ever stops anything from happening as my mother has always pointed out. But, putting them on hold is a good idea.

Eryl Shields said...

I do hope you hear from J, and she's fine. But, you know, there's no point worrying about something you can do nothing about. Easier said than done, I know.

Glad you were able to get your hair done. What a palaver!

Have a lovely lunch party tomorrow, the weather was gorgeous here today.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That is worrisome Pat. I hope nothing bad has happened to her...!

I LOVE that The Celebration continues, as it should....I think you should celebrate for a whole month. I mean, why not? This is a BIG Birthday and deserves lots of celebrating,..!
Glad you were able to get your hair done, my dear. I am finding that there are more and more mistakes like this one---EVERYWHERE! So much for the Computer!

Have a BEAUTIFUL Lunch, my dear!

Nea said...

Enjoy it, and may the fun last as long as you and not just until Wednesday ;)

Best wishes

Charlie said...

I know all about the intact marbles thing, and I'm only a boy of 62.

Perhaps some telephone detective work in your friend's town will turn up something.

Pat said...

Madame D: Mums talk sense. Just been watching Wallander which wasn't the best idea;)

Eryl: thank you. I noticed it was good in Scotland today and we had showers but tomorrow I believe it's our turn.

Naomi: thank you - it will be lovely to see the boys and their wives of course. I'm feeling hungry already.

Nea: that's asking rather a lot. I'm not ready to pop my clogs just yet:)

Charlie: I'm convinced blogging helps with the marbles. Use it or lose it.
My friend's brother was a great friend of my late brother and I'm going to see if perchance my SIL has his address.

Kim Ayres said...

Losing marbles always gives us something else to blog about. Unless we forget where the computer is...

Kevin Musgrove said...

Losing marbles acoounts for 95% of my blog.

Have a good time, and I hope J turns up safe and sound!

lom said...

hope your friend gets in touch soon

R. Sherman said...

I shouldn't worry about it. We've all had our brain freezes. Given the quality of your web journal entries, you're far from going around the bend mental health-wise.


Z said...

Sounds as if it was the receptionist making a mistake, not you, and there's nothing wrong with your marbles at all.

I'm sorry to hear of your anxiety about your friend and I hope she gets in touch soon. Also hope you've had a lovely lunch - beautiful weather here and the sun has shone all day. I spent a couple of hours in the greenhouse until I became too hot to work!

Z said...

Also meant to say - how lovely, to have kept friendships going your whole life. What shared memories you have (until you really do lose your marbles, that is ;-D ).

Maggie said...

Yes, please keep us posted about your friend. Love the birthday ring game tho. Delightful. :)

Pat said...

Kim: all in good time:)

Kevin: and very amusing reading it makes too.

LOM: that would be lovely.

Randall: thank you - that's comforting.

Z: yes I'm lucky with long lasting friendships. It does keep your feet on the ground however. I remember being a fairly angelic little girl but recently when reminiscing about our childhood with J recently she said 'You were a little bugger Pat!'

Maggie: tomorrow should be the end of the festivities.

Scarlet Blue said...

I always ask the hair salon to write the appointment down on a card - and then I write the appointment down on my calendar and in my diary... and guard the card with my life.
I've still turned up on the wrong day...
I hope all is well.

Pat said...

Scarlet: It was down correctly in my diary and on the kitchen calendar. I think I must have made the appointment over the phone but I shall be EXTRA careful in future. They had the right date but the wrong month so I'm fairly sure it was their error.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Have you heard from your friend?

I hope everything's fine.

As for marbles, my family thinks I was never born with any, har har.

Pat said...

GG: no I'm still working on it. Families are like that:)