Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Watch

Unlike the rest of Britain - according to the BBC - we have daffs!

The first primroses - by the end of the month the beds will be carpets of wild primroses.

No I didn't grow these- they came by plane.
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OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL! So soft and pretty, Pat....I just love flowers so much!!

BTW: I have a new post up and I am anxious for you to take a look...Whenj you get a chance, my dear.

Pat said...

Naomi: just been over to see your super post. Nice one!

Z said...

Even the Cornish daffs have only just arrived at the wholesalers. Al hasn't been able to get any Lincolnshire ones at all yet and none of ours are showing more than a few inches of leaves and a few tight buds in the garden. We haven't even got the early species daffodils showing any colour.

Yours are a promise of what will soon come here though, so thank you!

Pat said...

Z: thanks for that - makes me feel like a gardener. Just call me Zita;)