Wednesday, March 17, 2010

MTL is a Scamp!

We chose this ring for my birthday. Our local jeweller had made it because he loved the stone and its boot sole faceting. It's a big one - not as big as the one Kirsty Allsopp wears but quite a knuckle duster for me. Somehow it feels right at this age. Remember the fantastic ones Dame Edith Sitwell (who famously said 'Why not be oneself?')used to wear? Well some of you might.

I asked MTL to keep it - after the finger size had been made smaller- and after a day or so he asked if I had it or did he. I assured quite forcibly that he did and then, on the day at breakfast there was a jewel box with a pretty gold brooch with an ice blue stone.
'Where's my ring?'
'I seem to have misplaced it.'
My heart sank at the thought of searching through the piles of books, papers and cardboard boxes which inhabit his study.
The wretch waited till coffee time to say there were a few other little gifts and there it was - actually gift wraapped by himself

It was meant to be a quiet day but the phone never stopped nor the door bell with lucious presents being delivered and the house is awash with sweet smelling flowers, plants, champagne and chocolates.
When we arrived at our favourite Italian restaurant a new girl asked us where was the wheel chair. We usually ask for a large table and she had concluded one of us was wheel chair bound.

Yesterday we went to the flicks which one of us enjoyed immensely - more later. I am very touched by all the sweet messages and aplogise for not calling round but will get back to normal soon. Fingers crossed the computer will have a proper spring clean today - I've been losing power and goodness knows what lately. I'll ask Tim to put my latest completed version of the book on the 'Store'n Go' USB

There's still the boys and wives to look forward to on Sunday and Margaret is coming to Taunton on Monday for a girl's day out . Yippee!

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Queenie said...

Hurrah for MTL and his cheeky sense of humour! So glad you're having so much fun, you deserve it, long may it continue.

savannah said...

impressive, sugar, just like you! and remember, there's no such thing as over celebrating a birthday! have massive amounts of fun, sugar! xoxoxox

kenju said...

Such a gorgeous ring!! It appears that you had a good birthday celebration; I am happy to know that!!

R. Sherman said...

Solid bling there, dear. YTL is making the rest of us look bad.
Happy Birthday.


Guyana-Gyal said...




Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

So sorry I missed it. But it's your Saint's day today - so happy Saint Pat!

The ring is certainly a whopper.

Pat said...

Savannah:I'm glad you like it. And that's sound sense you talk about the celebrating:)

Judy: yes it's all good:)

Randall: that should please him:)

GG: you soppy thing you:)

Daphne: I suspect that may have influenced the parents in their name choice and of course my inherent saintliness.

The Cloudcutter said...

Sounds fabulous Pat! Glad you had such a wonderful time. And yes, MTL is a scamp ;-) But such a lovely one. Cheers!
I hope I turn out to be at least one-tenth as sharp and spunky as you are as I grow older. (Highly doubtful though!)

problemchildbride said...

Ah me, I missed it. Happy birthday, dear Pat. And many more. I'm so glad your life worked out so that you get to spend your 80th birthday with YTL - something beyond all treasure but holy twinkle, baby, that ring's a scorcher! Nice one, YTL!

Kath said...

What a lovely story! The ring is breathtaking, I can see you wearing it right now!

Madame DeFarge said...

Good for him. Romance is firmly alive and kicking. Hope you had a truly lovely time.

Pat said...

CC: I ought to see through him by now but he can still wind me up:)

Sam: it's lovely treat to have you visit and I'm glad you like the whopper:)

Kath: I wore it out to dinner and found myself draping my hand over the back of a chair to see it glint.

Madame D: people are romantic in different ways but I have no complaints:)

Eryl Shields said...

He is a scamp, I suspect that's one of the reason's you love him. The ring is sensational, it must be like wearing the sun, XXX

angryparsnip said...

Fabulous ! what a wonderful gift and a wonderful TL !
le sigh

I like to stretch out the Birthday fun as long as possible as you are doing.
Cheers, parsnip

Gadjo Dilo said...

Mmm, that's some rock! Do wedding anniversary symbols also apply to birthdays? We were wondering that at Mrs Dilo's mother's 70th, but it would have meant buying her something made of platinum :-) For 80 years it's oak, of all things, so lucky that your MTL didn't run with that idea!

lom said...

That is one big rock, glad to hear you have such a lovely time

Pat said...

Eryl:'wearing the sun'- I love it:)

Parsnip: he got into the habit - years ago - of always having a last little surprise gift and as the years passed convincing me that this year he had forgotten and he managed to draw it out longer each year. I always fall for it;)

Gadjo: oak does not float my boat. A delicate cup and saucer, lawn handkerchiefs, flowers and plants are always acceptable but I'm sure you both know what she would like.

LOM: it is big isn't it?

Shane said...

That's not a ring, it's a weapon. I've lived in places smaller than that 'ring'.

Am trying to guess what you may have seen at the cinmea, but I'm struggling. 'Chloe'?... no. 'A Prophet'?... no. I shall look forward to being surprised.

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Ol' Bird. Here's wishing you many future happy returns, too.

Charlie said...

The ring is stunning, Pat.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL!! And wrapped by 'himself'....Lovely, beyond words!

Mary Witzl said...

Happy Birthday, Pat! I think I've had apartments smaller than that ring myself.

Pat said...

Shane: thanks. It wasn't either of those. Surprise coming to this theatre soon.

Charlie: stunning will do nicely;)

Naomi: yea I almost forgave him for teasing me in such a cruel way:)

Mary; well I wanted a big one and I've got a big one. I just hope I don't get finger fatigue.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a rock! but wonderful and how naughty YTL was! LOML is apt to do stuff like that!

Pat said...

Rosneath: and so convincing with it too. How can I get my own back I wonder?

Shane said...

The Lovely Bones?!

Pat said...

Shane : what happened to waiting patiently for my post?
I enjoyed the book 'Lovely bones.' but when I saw a trailer didn't like the father. Not to tantalise you but it was nominated for an Oscar in a certain category but lost out.
More later:)