Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter is a cumin’

Already we have a fine dusting of snow. Coats baint what they used to be my DIL and I agreed as we braved the elements to dine out on Saturday. The neat, close fitting coats of this season are rubbish at keeping one cosy and we delved into our wardrobes for warmth and comfort. DIL came up with an ancient, original Biba which looks like old squirrel from a distance but is very closely packed, soft velvety wool stuff, I found an old black silken- soft, cavernous coat which envelopes so one can wear vests and cardies, combs and liberty bodices under it – and no-one the wiser.


Keith said...

That looks like the ones you used to model for the mail-order catalogues in our slightly younger days.

They don't make clothes to keep you warm nowadays, they are just fashion statements.

My warmest coat is a classic German Army parka.

Scarlet Blue said...

...I am wearing my duvet with a big wide belt. Most fetching.

Pat said...

Keith: with the lining that should be very cosy. I wish I could get MTL to wear vests but he doesn't like pulling things over his head.

Scarlet: at first I read that as duffle but duvet - you are a card Scarlet:)

sablonneuse said...

Strangely enough I don't feel the cold now as much as I used to - although I don't spend very long outside when it's below zero.
However, maybe as a reaction against all those layers we were forced to wear, I haven't worn a vest for many years.
I do like the look of your warm coats though - very cosy.

kenju said...

I'd wear that coat in a heartbeat, Pat. It looks warm and stylish to me. I don't pay much attention to the latest styles anymore; neither my purse nor my legs can take the shopping!

The warmest coat I ever had was a wool "tent" or swing coat with a huge shawl collar, back in the early 60's.

savannah said...

gorgeous coats, sugar! i have a lovely old coat, i think they were called opera coats, that has that same sort of collar that can be stood up to guard your neck. like yours, one can wear a sweater under it stay warm and NOT look like nanook of the north! stay warm and happy christmas! xoxoxox

Pat said...

Sandy: I'm wearing Damart at present and layers with wool or cashmere on top. We'll have to go out tomorrow for a last shop. We've had a reversal - MTL now feels the cold more than I do but he's still better than a hot water bottle for my feet in bed. At Margaret's the other day her heating came on late so she gave us all a hottie to clutch although it was perfectly warm enough. We did look a bit daft:)

Judy: I suppose over the years one does learn a bit of common sense and vanity takes a back seat. If only wwe had hung on to some clothes - your coat sounds just the ticket.

Savannah: an old modelling trick to pull up the collar and these days it covers dewlaps etc. We have to be thankful - this is just about the warmest place in Britain at present.

Charlie said...

I dislike the cold intensely and I would wear an old squirrel if I thought he or she would keep me warm.

Like YTL, I don't like pulling clothes over my head either. It is nearly impossible, however, to find a sweater that buttons up the front. I wore my old one until it was ready for the ragbag and haven't found a replacement yet.

I believe it's time for us mature gents to revolt.

Z said...

It's my feet that get cold. I've got chilblains again - I never had them when I was younger.

When I look after Al's shop in the winter I belt a hottie round my middle and refill it regularly during the day.

Pat said...

Z: 'and refill it regularly during the day.'
Gin or scotch?
Sorry - it's my eyes - hottie I read as bottle:)

Pat said...

Charlie: cardigans with and without sleeves, that button up are readily available here - thank Heaven. but I'd still like to see him in a vest.

"Colonel the men are revolting!"
"Yes aren't they?"

Sorry - couldn't resist

The Hangar Queen said...

Lovely coats indeed. I had to make do with an old down filled blue parka this week-end. We were buried in 2 ft of snow and I looked like a giant grape. A warm grape admittedly but still.

Pat said...

Hangar Queen: the boys must love the snow - ours is just a sprinkling of icing sugar.