Thursday, December 03, 2009

Lunch Out

I had a glorious lie-in this morning. Yesterday was a late celebration for Margaret’s birthday, it was my turn to drive and as usual I was a bag of nerves getting ready. I had booked a table for lunch at the White Horse in Washford but I had to decide how to amuse the other three between 10.30am and 12.30am with weather that made serving coffee out of the boot of the car an ordeal.

My brainwave was to go down through the town and park at The Factory Shop - a favourite of most of our visitors. In a rare dry spell we had coffee first and a long chat sitting in the car and then ambled into the store. This was a great success and at 11. 45 I suggested we should wend our way. A pair of fur- lined boots, a pair of slippers and three sweaters were bought and the prices elicited smiles all round.

Margaret was looking particularly perky in a new red coat with a smart funnel neck. The last time we met she was devastated as the house chain she was in had broken and all seven couples toppled over like dominoes. Then after days of uncertainty suddenly it was mended again but everybody decided they didn’t want move before Christmas.

‘Margaret when will it be really, really certain it is all going to go through?’

‘On the day we all move and we all have to move at the same time.’

‘And when will that be?’

‘We don’t know - possibly the second week in January.’

Cripes! The good news is Margaret reckons this won’t be our last lunch out.

They seemed pleased that I had chosen the White Horse – it’s always fun to watch the animals in the field by the car park and the roaring fire was very welcome as we were made to feel.

The landlord looked dubious when I asked if there was any exciting non – alcoholic drink for the driver but he found a berry drink which was better than the eternal diet coke. We all began to relax and settled in for a couple of hours of eating, drinking and talking – all of which we are quite good at. There was plenty of time for us to unburden ourselves and catch up with news.
We don’t do texting and Margaret - with all her house related doings kept finding an envelope shape on her mobile. She did read the instructions as to how to down load it but in the end asked her daughter to do it.

‘Mum you’ve got 60 messages’
If you have elderly P’s with mobiles make sure they understand texting before you text them. It doesn’t come naturally to us.

Delicious chilli con carne, naughty garlic bread and courgette crumble with brie followed by treacle sponge and lemon brulee were respectively enjoyed and then as customary, the birthday girl went to powder her nose whilst we paid the bill. Even I was feeling mellow now so I invited then back for tea. The driving was fine except for one moment in the car park when I noticed an unfamiliar red light and found I was moving off with the brake on. I blame the berry drink.

By the time the girls left we all had broad smiles on our faces and I felt grateful for their friendship and unfailing support.


Four Dinners said...

Friendship always leaves a warm glow inside eh?

Sounds like a smashing day and left me with a warm feeling too.

oh eck. the new kitty caused that!...;-)

Four Dinners said...

by the way....I've fathomed out how to text and read them.

How the hell are you supposed to delete them???? One at a time will take all week!!!!

Pat said...

Four D: tee hee! You and your kitties:)
I'm the wrong person to ask re mobiles - mine is very old and only used for my emergencies. The family now realise it is rarely switched on and use e-mail or land line.

R. Sherman said...

No photos, dear? Tsk, tsk.

I'm glad you had fun, and I hope your friends real estate issues get resolved. It must be stressful having to orchestrate seven closings for the same day.


Queenie said...

Friendship like that is priceless.

My sister and I have carefully tutored our parents in the use of their (shared) mobile phone, and they're now very good at it, including texting. I'm proud of them!

(The word verification elves have come up with 'arske' for this comment. I kid you not.)

Kim Ayres said...


Pat said...

Randall: I did take a camera but thought it was deja vu. I did take an ironic pic of a duck in a muddy puddle but I must not have been concentrating - nothing came out.
Trying to get seven people to do ANYTHING at the same time would seem impossible to me.

Queenie: that's the difference between sons and daughters.
The WV elves are constant source of amusement to me:)

Maggie said...

How wonderful these momets are. Thank you for sharing them with us. Yes, how sad no pictures. No texting here and no interest in texting. We don't want to pay all that extra money so didn't get that option with our cells. Mine is never on also yet many I know have only cell's now.

angryparsnip said...

What a fun day with great friends.

If and when I get a chance to visit your area. . . I would love to have lunch in a place called the White Horse...
listen to me just a pushy American...

Pat said...

Maggie: sorry about no pics. I see you are like- minded about mobiles:)

Parsnip: there are a number of White Horses in Somerset; this is in Washford. Margaret was so impressed she phoned me for the tel. no to book for when her son and family come down from Scotland.

john.g. said...

Sounds good Mum2! xx

Z said...

Those berry drinks are deceptively powerful, however non-alcoholic.

I've never attempted to teach the Sage to send or read texts. It's really not worth it. However, I do check his phone every so often - before our last auction, I found someone had sent a bid by text.

Z said...

BTW, 4D, on my phone, if I go to 'text messages', one of the options is to delete all messages. I'm a bit sentimental and archive the ones I like first.

Pat said...

John.G: it turned out to be a really good day:)

Z: the Sage sounds similar to MTL who is even worse than I am and has no intention of improving as far as techie stuff goes.
What would we do without you:)

Guyana-Gyal said...

In my non-blog work, I've been writing about friendship and support!

About texting parents, it's true, my mother and I share a cell phone and I have to read them, delete them.

Word verification: tablem

Pat said...

Friendship and support - what would we do without them?
Your Mum is a lucky lady:)