Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas lunch at the Carew Arms aka the Crocombe Inn.

It worked well last year so we decided to have an early Christmas dinner without any of the hassle and chose one of our favourite inns. It was the first day of their festive menu which was as follows. BTW as usual I was quite hungry and forgot to take a photo of the starter.

First Courses

Consomme of porcini mushrooms with hazelnut and mushroom dumplings

Parma ham, melon and warm goat’s cheese salad served with a redcurrant and mint dressing. ( I loved the flavour of this)

Chargrilled vegetables and ricotta terrine with a tomato and lime chutney served with granary toast.

Smoked salmon mousse served with crushed black pepper, dill and mustard dressing and wholemeal toast. (This was MTL’s choice)

Main Courses

Traditional roast turkey with chestnut, prune and Armagnac stuffing and festive trimmings (we both had this).

Fillet of Scotch beef with wild mushroom and Madeira sauce.

Brochette of salmon, scallops and monkfish served with a hollandaise sauce.

Wild mushroom, couscous and nut roast served on a bed of cabbage, oranges and juniper berries with an

apricot and port sauce.

All served with Fresh Seasonal Winter Vegetables.

Desserts and Cheese

Luxury Black Forest trifle-(moi - having a seventies moment)

White and dark chocolate profiteroles with Cointreau cream.

Christmas pudding with brandy cream. (MTL’s choice)

A selection of British and continental cheeses served with a homemade apple, apricot and date chutney and walnut bread.

To Finish

Coffee, tea or infusions with homemade chocolate truffles.

We were warmly greeted and told we could have lunch in the bar with a fire or a table in the sun – we chose the latter so we could look out at the garden in between chomps. It was delightful and I promise you neither of us ate anything for the rest of the day.


Four Dinners said...

One of everything please....;-)

Would they let me in with me flat cap and mitts on?

Sounds like a smashing lunchtime. Bet you went all drowsy later!

Queenie said...

Reading that has made me hungry. What an excellent menu. If only I were nearer...

Pat said...

Four D; the flat cap would be most suitable - not sure about the Mitts. I don't remember much about the rest of the day.

Queenie: that would be nice;)

Anonymous said...

Sounds and looks wonderful. I've always wondered about "festive trimmings" (I see similar phrases every time turkey is mentioned anywhere.) What does it mean? What are the trimmings?


R. Sherman said...

Marvelous photos, as always, though you must remember for your American fans that "pud" has a different meaning over here. Nonetheless, I'm glad you had fun.


john.g. said...

Fillet of beef! Oh,yes!!

Kim Ayres said...

Maggie and I were thinking about going out for a Staff Xmas Lunch. There's only the 2 of us if we can get it in before the kids break up from school...

Pat said...

Jack: bread sauce, gravy, chipolata sausages, chestnut stuffing, cranberry sauce and sprouts spring to mind. Ours was more refined and more digestible.

Randall: you know what my memory is like. A sieve!

John.G: we'll probably have steak on the day. How about you?

Guyana-Gyal said...

Some people in this world really lift my're one of them.

Is it the food, is it the joy...? It's a combination. mwah.

Leah said...

Thank you SO much for telling us about that! Scrumptious. And I loved your seventies moment.

Pat said...

Kim: do it! Two's the best number - only two if you to please and it will set you both up for the marathon that a family Christmas can be.

GG: well I'm just going to accept that lovely compliment:)

Pat said...

Leah: I didn't see you hiding there.
Hope it doesn't make you feel too peckish:)

Jimmy Bastard said...

A feast fit for a King... but I do hope that you cracked a window on the trip home Pat.

john.g. said...

Anything but turkey!

Pat said...

Jimmy: why??????

John.G: once a year is enough for me;)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh, it sounds quite yummy, my dear...Delightful menu!
You both must have iron tummys...I envy that. All that richness would be too much for me. My eyes and mouth would be in heaven, but my tummy...well, not too! I cannot seem to eat like that anymore.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

OOOOOPS! I forgot to say there's a NEW Post...If you get a chance, come on by, my dear.

Pat said...

Naomi: fortunately apart from fasting for the rest of the day we had no ill effects. Thank you - I'll be over some time today for sure.

Jimmy said...

Ahhhh Pat, such innocence is refreshing. You really are a true lady in every way.

Pat said...

Jimmy: well who is going to tell me - I don't mind the innocence it's the ignorance that worries me.