Tuesday, December 15, 2009

And then, and then…?

Did any UK viewers see the second and final episode of ‘Small Island’? I taped it but because of the Sports Awards it started late and my tape ran out before the end.

The last thing I saw was where Queenie the white Londoner had given her baby Michael to the Jamaican couple Hortense and Gilbert to give the baby a better chance in life ( it was the forties).

Did Queenie ever discover that the father of the baby was Hortense’s first love? Did Hortense find out that the father of the baby was her first love? Did Michael ever appear again?

I really need to know.


R. Sherman said...

When in doubt, remember: the butler did it.


Four Dinners said...

eh? wha? who? when? why?

yes...it was definitely the butler...erm....possibly?

Pat said...

Randall: har har!

Four.D: I've been suffering all day not being able to get on line, then I couldn't find my manuscript and now I have you boys being helpful. Thanks a bunch.

john.g. said...

Didn't see it,but i'll go with the butler too!

savannah said...

i read an article about the male lead, but it didn't say anything about the actual show. he seems interesting and certainly, very talented. i sent the article to my kids out in los angeles . (in The Independent) xoxox

Anonymous said...

I watched the beginning of my recording but ......sorry I got fed up and wiped it!

Pat said...

Savannah: maybe they know the answer?

Technogran: right you can go and sit with the boys;)

John.g: I might have guessed it wasn't a boy play or maybe I'm the only person who watched it. It just illustrated how much we have changed. There was awful racism and prejudice then. Unbelievable to today's moraes

Kim Ayres said...

BBC iPlayer

Jimmy said...

I have no idea hen, in fact I have no idea what it was even about, or which team was playing at home, or who scored the winning goal.

kenju said...

LOL....you sound like me when I fall asleep during General Hospital!!

Pat said...

Kim: I have heard of that and wondered what it was. I'll do some googling;)

Jimmy;I know you would help if you could;)

Judy: happens to me a lot but i was wide awake I promise.

Kim Ayres said...

Just click here:
http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00pdyg0 and press play. You've 4 days left to watch it as they only keep the episodes up for 7

Anonymous said...

Haven't had a telly for ten years so can't help, and this by the way is the most pointless comment I've ever written.
V word is soddly,
which seems rather oddly
Cheers, Mike.

Pat said...

Kim: so glad you are around. I watched tonight and all the loose ends were tied up. Bless you.xox

Mike: I always feel slightly envious of people who don't have a TV. My first husband and I were for years without one and then we got a live- in housekeeper with one son and a telly and we were sunk.
I quite like soddly.