Monday, September 14, 2009

Our first stop - the car park at Kilve - see the trees are beginning to turn
. .
Nettlecombe Court

The Church

It could only be England
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rashbre said...

WHat a superb late summer day!

The Cloudcutter said...

You're right - It could only be England. Brings to life all the stuff I've read in books since I was a child. You really have the most beautiful countryside.

angryparsnip said...

Beautiful ! what a lovely day to go out and have some good times with friends. . .
Your photos are wonderful and as I have said before this brings out the tourist in me. . . I want to visit all these places. . . you take the most charming pictures. . . love the ones with sheep, horses, and old boats. . .

cheers, parsnip

PI said...

Rashbre: weren't we the lucky ones?

Cloud: if only we had the odd mountain it would be perfect:)

Parsnip: we have lots of sheep and horses and some old boats on the coast.