Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Quirky – moi?

For Kevin I’ll do my best but as I am the most normal person I know it won’t be easy. Seven quirks you say?

  1. I have a tendency to make kissing noises – to family down the phone, to all babies and toddlers I see in the street, also animals but I try to avoid dogs with a lone man after the unfortunate business at Ramsbottom. Don’t ask.

  1. I have the opposite to a poker face and emotions flit across my physog like an old fashioned lantern show. This is a great impediment to trying to appear cool at all times.

  1. In the bedroom all wardrobe doors must be shut and even if I am alone in bed I have to get out my side and walk round to the door.

  1. I object to being asked by bar staff if I want a large or a small glass- just give me the NORMAL size please - that we have been served for decades. And if I ask you if you want a drink a simple yes please or no thank you will suffice. I’m not asking about your moral compass so ‘I’m good! ‘doesn’t cut it.

  1. My comfort blanket is a clean white handkerchief which has to be with me at all times. Latterly I have taken to using those of MTL’s nice large ones and he keeps a spare in his breast pocket (his excuse for always having pockets plus plus) and almost every day he is relieved of it.

  1. MTL thinks it’s quirky that I jettison food and milk that is only slightly out of date, that I clean before the cleaner arrives and that I ice the cake before it’s made so to speak and rewash glasses after he has washed them. But doesn’t everybody?

  1. You could say I’m a touch anal about punctuality and I don’t appreciate being kept waiting unless there is a good reason. I mean a very good reason.

Well there it is and if any of you would like to have a go – please do.


kenju said...

Pat, that's an interesting list. I can definitely be in your corner on the last one.

I wonder what's behind the need for the closet doors to be shut?

savannah said...

i like the way you think, sugar! ;~D xoxox

Jimmy Bastard said...

See me Pat? I never see you as quirky... not once. I do see you as spirited and talented, open and honest, and a word that I always tend to avoid (I'm way too auld to use it these days) ....cool!

I'm with you on the gless issue, both size-wise and the extra wash, and puh-lease do not get me started on punctuality!

I'm also with Kenju on the closet doors though. I just know that you have 'nice' secrets you are keeping fae us all.

Maybe one day hen... maybe..

Anonymous said...

Perfectly lovely quirkiness.

I'm with you on 'I'm good!'- all my boys' friends say this when I offer food or drink...and I'm still not used to it!

Charlie said...

Quirks? What quirks?

PI said...

Judy: mostly I sleep well and to protect against insomnia feel a bedroom should be peaceful and secure. There might be a lion in the wardrobe so I shut him in.

Savannah: that makes two of us then:)

Jimmy: the next time I need one I'm coming to you for a reference.

Cinnamon: I had a discussion with my grandson about it and as usual he had me laughing at myself.

Charlie: as Horatio said as he put the telescope to his blind eye:
'I see no ships!'

Leah said...

Excellent, admirable quirks.

I might just do this one.

PI said...

Leah: yes do please. I look forward to it.

Guyana-Gyal said...

I am NOT going to ask about the unfortunate business at Ramsbottom...but I'm NOT going to pretend that I don't want to know.
tee hee.

I'll go finish reading this post.

Guyana-Gyal said...


Oh how I grumble if someone is late. Which means I grumble a lot in this part of the world.

I have a nice picture of you in my mind, Pat, you're one of the people I admire...except I'm not too sure about rewashing glasses, but oh my goodness, I've done it a few times, ahhhh, help.

My mother gives embroidered cotton handkerchiefs as little presents [no-occasion presents] and I used to ask why but now I don't, I think it's a lovely idea.

PI said...

GG: I wish I could be more relaxed about my own punctuality- not that I wood ever keep anyone waiting but inevitably sometimes one is held up and I stress like you wouldn't believe.
Glasses: they must be smear free and not have any lingering detergent:)
Not surprisingly your mother thinks like me; pretty handkerchiefs are my best loved gift and it's amazing how they disappear over the years. I still have my Gran's handkerchief case.

R. Sherman said...

Quirks are what make us interesting. Were we to have none, we'd all be merely automatons with nothing to talk about.


PI said...

Randall: so come on then young man - I'm all ears;)

Eryl Shields said...

Punctuality, yikes! I don't think I've ever been on time for anything, yet I get really stressed about it. I really, desperately want to be punctual but just can't seem to manage it, and I've tried everything to cure me of this affliction. The only way I make a flight or train is to arrive ridiculously early and to do that I have to fool myself into believing there is a deadly important reason for arriving two hours ahead.

I'm with you on the glasses: I like mine to sparkle and husband can't seem to achieve that. Also, wardrobe doors: I hate untidiness and open doors just look untidy. As do water marks on the draining board; I could go on.

Perhaps I should have a go at this too.

PI said...

Eryl: do have a go. My reason - I think - for anal punctuality is when I first started nursing training and was seduced by my wicked sister (I was only 16 and still in her thrall) to be late back on my 2pm -5pm. I was close to being thrown out and it scared the bejasus out of me.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, none of these things sounds "quirky" to me....lol! I don't suffer with most of these afflictions except for the need to wash the dishes and glasses myself and the being 'on-time' one....I don't get appoplectic but punctuality is quite important to me...And I am usually a little early myself, when going someplace.
I love that your dear MTL is always prepared with extra handkerchiefs for you....Now that is a loving understanding husband! (lol) And my dear friend Betty is a lover of beautiful handkerchiefs too....if all else fails when trying to think of a gift for her..Lovely Handkerchiefs are always dearly appreciated! I am a Kleenex person, myself.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Lovely list Pat! I'm glad I asked you to break the habit. (-:

Ramsbottom is the place to be for unfortunate incidents.

(BTW - did you catch the BBC's footage of the gravy wrestling championships in Bacup?)

PI said...

Naomi: my younger son reminded me of my funny sneeze when fresh bread is around,my habit of putting everything in my blog, going to lie down in the afternoon(I no longer do it)
'Add to those the impeccable dress sense and a generosity that
occasionally approaches sainthood.'
which I thought was very sweet of him.
I know Kleenex is probably more hygienic but it doesn't work fo me.

Kevin: I'm glad you asked.
Re Bacup - alas I missed it. Or are you pulling my leg?

Kevin Musgrove said...

Would I ever pull your leg? BBC Lancashire

Kath said...

Haha, my husband thinks I'm quirky for doing the same as your second to last! I swear, that man will eat things waaaay past their due date. And be absolutely fine, I might add. Yuck!

PI said...

Kevin: well I've heard everything now!

Kath: It's especially shaming when the children come and examine every date.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Please, please post a pic. of your handkerchief case? I've been thinking of making them.

As for punctuality...most folks here are really, really, REALLY bad.

PI said...

GG: I will although at about 100 years old it is very shabby.