Saturday, July 25, 2009


Especially for those too polite to admit they couldn't read it.

Dear Leah,

I stand before you- naked without my bloomers- on the cyber stage, bracing myself for the slings and arrows my handwriting will no doubt elicit.

I was very tempted to use MTL's handwriting which is lovely and loopy and entirely respectable, but honesty prevailed.

Years ago I had my handwriting analysed and was told it bore resemblance to that of someone who had lived in a nunnery for many years. Make of that what you will. I have tortured you for long enough.

Warm wishes


Nea said...

Thank you for the translation, I hadn't quite got all of it, especially nunnery, which was a little unexpected :)

PI said...

Nea: it came as a surprise to me too but i felt a bit holy for a day or so.

Anonymous said...

It is question of graphology ?? Or Of translation in the sense literal !!?

In Graphology that gives that :

The form of your graphic characters denotes a certain softness. Kinder, more sociable, more sometimes more charming, you do not appreciate hardly the solitude and look for constantly the presence of others.

You are someone of entire one, that expresss itself without too much concealment and do not look for the small detail that could lend to debate. But you are also someone that places the direction, well above the ideas. You are, besides, characterized by a certain coherence of character, that does you to pass for someone of measure, indeed of "wise". You know mastery your drives, your emotion and not you there to submit that after ripe reflection.

From the viewpoint of the "continuity", your writing indicates that you be part of these individuals, that fully use their logical spirit...

Of the enthusiasm you have it to resell. You are of those that one qualifies optimists and that test a permanent need of "to budge", to undertake, to act. This enthusiasm, you know to communicate it to your entourage, that it be family or professional, and to cultivate it to construct you a privileged place within the groupe.Attention nevertheless to what the surexcitation does not become fit of anger.

Sometimes you follow the momenta of your heart, sometimes those of your head. Neutrality does not please you hardly, you bear it all to the more, but reach to surpass it. Instinctive, you like what is concrete, well real...

The size of your writing indicates a certain simplicity. You are more modest, more attentive, more often more meticulous. One can appreciate your objectivity nourished by a critical asserted direction.

It is obvious that this interpretation, never will be as fine as the one of a graphologue working directly on the document.


kenju said...

A nunnery? Surely they jested!?

PI said...

Crabbers: thank you for taking all that trouble. I read it to MTL and asked his opinion as he is with me 24/7.
He agreed with most of it but was not sure about:

'From the viewpoint of the "continuity", your writing indicates that you be part of these individuals, that fully use their logical spirit..'

The rest he agreed with but jibbed a bit at 'modest and meticulous'
I asked him if he thought I was big - headed. He said no but that I was no shrinking violet.
So I'd better brush up on my logic, modesty and meticulousness.
Thank you for that:)

PI said...

Judy: as I said to Eryl:
' the nunnery bit was at a very different time in my life which had also been likened to living in glass cage. I broke out.'

10:20 AM

Kim Ayres said...

What a great interpretation by Crabbers!

I think an interpretation of my handwriting would evoke, "Clearly you enjoy squashing spiders and smearing them around the page instead of writing..."

Scarlet-Blue said...

I have a graphology book: you wrote it when you were in a good mood because the writing slopes upwards... and I'm with Jimmy in the previous comments box!!!

R. Sherman said...

Dear, please forgive the long, off-topic comment with links, but I thought you might be amused.

I checked my statcounter today and saw a visitor from Thailand, who had done a google search for EMBLOS uniform. The search string is here.

Note the third link is you, specifically this entry, wherein you discuss your quest for the ever-elusive "Big 'O.'"

Suffice it to say, I wound up laughing my tookus off for the second time at that entry of yours from 2006.

Cheers, dear.

Keith said...

Crabbers - That was an awful lot of words just to tell Pat what a lovely, kind and considerate person we all know she is.

We didn't need to analyse her writing to realise that!

(Stop blushing Pat!)

I just know what John G is going to say now. . . . cos I psychic.

PI said...

Kim: do it and we'll be the judge;)
You probably know me more than most bloggers.

Scarlet:just as well I'm not writing it now then:)
Must re-read Jimmy's thing.

PI said...

Randall: is that what they mean by deathless prose?

Keith: there are times when I just don't know what to say. I await John's comment.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh thank you my dear for the translation...your letter is delightful! I LOVE your sense of humor, Pat....A Nynnery?? LOL!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Well, I'd looooove to hear the analysis :-D

PI said...

Naomi: and why not?

GG: I think I'll settle for Crabbers;)