Monday, July 13, 2009


The choice for the family for Saturday night was Chinese, Italian or Indian and they chose the latter. We have two excellent Indian restaurants but one is on the outskirts so lately for convenience, we have opted for the Taj Mahal. It’s the custom to have a drink first in a rather rowdy pub – just so one doesn’t become too hidebound in the quiet life. The main problem was the height of the seats which almost required a block and tackle to anchor ones rear to same.

Duty done MTL and I set off with our brollies to reach the restaurant having parked the car nearby. We were greeted warmly and shown to a table which seemed a bit cramped so I asked for a larger one. The head waiter regretted that there was one but it was near the kitchen and I said that was the one we usually had so all was well. There seemed to be more waiters then guests and with each course we would have at least four waiters asking for our order.

Then a very large hen party arrived dressed in gymslips - hence the reason for the large number of staff. I asked one of the ladies if they were celebrating the end of A levels which pleased them no end. A pretty diminutive girl was getting married in August – lots of time to recover - and I was told she was a fire fighter. They were on holiday and were also real ale fans and Morris dancers and – she told me - they dance holding their ale mugs. Do you have a drink afterwards I asked? Afterwards, during and before she admitted with a grin. We couldn’t make out why there would be just one male amongst them but thought it would be impolite to ask.

Meanwhile DIL and I chose varieties of Tandoori chicken- convinced there would be a lower fat content, the vegetable rice was perfect and the yoghourt and mint sauce divine. The men had lots of curry and accessories and even with four healthy appetites there was lots left over. I was please to see the next table asked for doggie bags but I have learned my lesson. The last time I did it and left MTL and step daughter to enjoy it remained untouched. Such a waste!

The desserts were those pictured ones which arrive all frozen and we had gooseberry fool – (# 2 son’s favourite) at home so we passed but we did indulge in Jamaican, Irish and I can’t remember the other one – coffee. At home – over a digestif my son and I discovered we had the same name dyslexia – Hilary and Heather become as one and it is impossible to remember which syllable to emphasise in a name like Jolene for example, which can be pretty annoying to the people concerned. We’ve never had treatment or counselling for it – just have to grin and bear it


R. Sherman said...

Alas, I've never learned to appreciate the cuisine of the subcontinent, much to the EMBLOS' dismay. I just cannot abide curry in any form.

I'm glad you had fun, though.


Anonymous said...

ooh, you've made my mouth water for an Indian meal and I was about to cook a lasagne tonight (to be eaten tomorrow when all the tastes have melded! LOML is out tonight and would be furious if I had an Indian and he didn't!!!

yum yum


john.g. said...

Indian is not a favourite of mine, but it sounds as though you all had a grand time!

Jimmy Bastard said...

Sounds like the craic was mighty doll. The Jamaican/Irish coffee... was it Irish Moss by any chance?

PI said...

Randall: I thought you would like it as you like chilli or have I got that wrong too?

Belleek: I love lasagne but am not very good at it. Fortunately three of the DILs are ace.

Johng: it was the guests choice and we like to ring the changes but I avoid the really hot stuff.

Jimmy: there aren't many silences when it's family. The problem is sometimes getting a word in. I suspect the whiskey was quite ordinary a it was in the coffee. And cream:)

Guyana-Gyal said...

Mmmmm, Jamaican coffee. Blue Mountain coffee. I hiked up that mountain once, it's quite something. I saw lots of coffee growing.
And marijuana too.

Haha, Jimmy...Irish Moss. Pat,that's a milky drink in Jamaica. Made with seaweed, I think, I'm not sure, I never had it.

I feel like having Chinese food. Mmmm. Braised tofu. You won't buhleeeave how good that is. With noodles. And veggies.

Argh, I'm hungry!

PI said...

GG :I don't know if it is the same for you but we have liqueur coffees which is ordinary coffee with lashings of cream and the addition of a spirit - Irish is with whiskey. Jamaican with rum etc etc - which means I can't remember the rest. I'm sure your coffee would be the real McCoy.
Irish Moss a milky drink? That doesn't sound like Jimmy but I like anything with seaweed.
I love Chines food too - seaweed and black bean sauce. Yum!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

You all have such a lovely time when you go out and I love that you enjoyed your neighbors in the restaurant, too......I like Indian Food....But I always order Vegetarian, for some!

How did I miss so mamy posts, Pat...Well, I was working on the Finale of "Ladies Who Lunch" and it is up---if you get a chance, my dear.

PI said...

Naomi: Indian restaurants do great vegetarian food IMO.
I have a post I need to concentrate on in the morning and then I'll be over to catch the last of the 'Ladies who lunch'.