Thursday, July 30, 2009

It’s Thursday so it must be Bratislava

Tom, now a little older has just finished his first year at Uni.. He has worked hard to good effect, made some money working in a clothes shop in the holidays and is presently touring Europe – mainly by train - with his girl friend. So far they have done Brussels, Amsterdam, Cologne, Berlin, Prague, Vienna and Bratislava. Today they go on to Budapest, Zagreb, Venice, Bologna, Rome, Milan, Zurich, Bern ,Geneva, Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon which takes them to the 14th of August.

But of course the highlight of the vacation will be later in August when he comes west to his doting grandmother’s in Somerset.

Amsterdam, Vienna, Venice, Bologna, Rome, Barcelona and Lisbon I have visited – the rest are all Greek to me. On my first visit to Rome I was with someone who knew Latin and insisted on translating every statue. It was very hot.

Below are photos taken by my son in 2003. The Pieta by Michelangelo is in St Peter’s in the Vatican. It is an incredibly moving sculpture and one of my old friends whose son had been killed in a car accident had to leave the cathedral when she saw it. It was too painful for her to look at.


lom said...

I went to Rome many years ago and loved it, one day I hope to return

Jimmy Bastard said...

There is something about being in Rome that a person cannot put into words Pat. The many sculptures and amazing history is something to enjoy slowly over a glass of fine wine.

Everyone should visit Rome at least twice.

Kim Ayres said...

There are so many places I'd love to visit.

I just need to find a rich patron to sponsor my photography :)

Leah said...

Rome! A real dream of mine. And I know Latin too!

I really love that second photo--it makes the steps look like a seashell.

Edelweiss Transplanted said...

Beautiful photos, Pat. How wonderful to be a young man, in love and with all the treasures of Europe at his feet.

Thinking of Tom in Budapest today -- one of the loveliest cities in the world, to my mind. I hope he and his girlfriend enjoy it, and are at this moment enjoying a delicious piece of strudel and a coffee in a little outdoor cafe!

rashbre said...

Three coins in a fountain and all that. I've also got a picture of that staircase somewhere.

Not sure about the basis of Tom's travels, but if its Interrail then it can be great fun. Backpack, timetable good company etc.

Plenty of adventures along the way and the tactics of when to travel overnight to sleep on a train, or to travel deck class on a ship in the Med.

R. Sherman said...

Rome was fun, but I preferred Florence. It sounds like Tom is having a great trip. Next year, he can come to the US.


PI said...

LOM: you are supposed to throw coins in the fountain if you want to return:)

Jimmy: but oh those cobbles.

Kim: you lookin' at me?
That's my Robert de Niro voice.

Leah: so it does:)

Edelweiss: knowing Tom it is very likely.

Rashbrre: I think it is interrail. I have a magnificent itinerary. He's meant to be taking photos but it's not one of his fortes and if he is like his Dad use to be he'll have lost the camera by now;)

PI said...

Randall: an old lady (well she would have been about my age)I met in Venice said she loved Rome but adored Florence. Sadly I have never been - it was on our list when our travels were curtailed.
Tom has had holidays in Florida but I don't think he's been elsewhere in the US.

john.g. said...

Sounds great! My has been to all those places on business, but I have never strayed far from the UK!

Eryl Shields said...

It sounds a bit like the touring equivalent of a pie eating contest: so much to take in so little time. I wish I was young enough to be able to do it myself without getting dizzy.

PI said...

John.g: well more and more of us are happy to eschew foreign travel nowadays.

Eryl: Tom is one of the most laid back people I know - not to say languid:) I imagine his girl friend will make sure they catch the trains.

Keith said...

I visited Toms page about half an hour ago, and I've had to wait until my eyes returned to normal before writing this.

PI said...

Keith: I thought it might be your ears that would be affected. It is a bit noisy:)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, this trip sounds fantastic! I've never been to any of those places...So, it is ALL "Greek To Me"! I know you are looking forward to seeing their pictures and hearing all about this great trip!

I LOVE the pictures your soon too, get such a feeling of the place, don't you?

PI said...

Naomi: we are all hoping he remembers to take the odd shot or two. But you know what boys are:)