Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Last of the summer wine?


The forecast was good on Saturday, so thinking it could be the last day of our Indian summer we decided to drive to Bicknoller. Rain came from nowhere but by the time we got there the sun was out and the Quantocks were in their autumnal russet glory. We were going to have lunch at the village pub and as usual got lost in the narrow lanes. Once there we walked through a bar, past an inviting looking room with a fire then into another bar which was milling with people, who seemed to be looking at us askance.

MTL ordered me a glass of medium dry white wine and we were amazed when the bar tender gave him a bottle and said there were glasses on the tables.

Realising there was something amiss I asked if we could have lunch in the room with the fire. The barman looked thunderstruck and said this was a private party and they weren’t serving lunches. I forbore to suggest that perhaps they should have a notice on the door instead of the one saying lunches were being served and indicated to MTL that we should scarper without further ado as we still had to find somewhere for lunch.

Both Crowcombe and Stogumber were within reach so MTL chose Stogumber. We were warmly welcomed at The White Horse and in spite of the flower- circled back terrace chose to eat indoors as the weather was erratic. I remembered playing skittles there when I used to belong to the TWG and being very shocked when a member of the committee cheated by putting her foot well over the line. Our lunch was good – especially ‘Pam’s plum crumble’ served by ? Pam in a very pretty blue and white blouse which she had bought from Sainsburys, and which didn’t need ironing.

On the way back I tried to find the store which sells small wooden off cuts which our gardener wants us to buy and varnish for plant markers, but my directions were too vague. We called at the nursery to get pansies and stocks for the pots which reminds me – as soon as the rain stops I must plant them. And I ought to do the lawn before Thursday when the gardener comes and when we shall be in Bristol at the ballet.

Has anyone any experience of Cloudmark? It’s an anti spam thing and I seem to have downloaded it thinking it was a freebie when it is on a 15 day trial. After which – if I keep it I pay - but I don’t know how much yet. Or if it is worth while when I already have Norton?


Anonymous said...

Pat, what a beautiful day! Your description of autumn and pub dining makes me long for colder weather again, even as I celebrate the tulips and sunshine here.

scarlet-blue said...

"Our lunch was good – especially ‘Pam’s plum crumble’ served by Pam in a very pretty blue and white blouse which she had bought from Sainsburys, and which didn’t need ironing."

Does Pam have her own blog? I think she ought to!


PI said...

Miss diarist: thanks for reminding me that that is what our Australian family will be experiencing now.

R. Sherman said...

You should've just pretended to be the cousins from out of town and enjoyed the vino and lunch before fleeing through the loo window.

BTW, Norton's the best. You don't need anything else.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful description of fall !

"The long sobs of the violins of l'automne Injure my heart of a monotonous languor." [ Paul Verlaine ]

SPAMfighter is 100% free one, protects all the accounts e-mail on your PC !

Mei Del said...

thank you for lovely photos again. that welcoming roaring fire, a glass of red or bitter depending on one's mood. autumn is one of my favourite seasons, especially when you're walking on pavements in suburban london and smell a good fire going. that and the gold and russets of leaves and crsip air and blue skies. :)

problemchildbride said...

I might not have foreborne so successfully. Bloomin' cheek!

Plum crumble and pansies - sounds idyllic. I love the smell in garden centres. I love the name of the villages near you too. Bicknoller - fab!

What are you going to see at the ballet?

R. Sherman said...

I just noticed your tag "pot plants." You realize, to those of your readers of a certain age, those words conjure memories of college days, which memories are better left buried.



kenju said...

I know nothing about Cloudmark, but Norton's almost made me pull my hair out by the roots.

sablonneuse said...

Another lovely day out despite the unwelcoming pub - and great photos as usual.
I have planted pansies and heather in the front of the house for the Winter. It probably looks neater than it did all Summer!

Eryl Shields said...

I love your day trips, there's always a delicious lunch in there. Delighted, too, for Pam who has found a blouse that looks pretty on her and doesn't need ironing.

PI said...

Scarlet: I don't think it would have occurred to Pam to talk about her blouse if she hadn't been pestered by yours truly:)

Randall: I couldn't wait to leave - I wanted to be certain of lunch. Now Judy has a different story about Norton. They certainly don't stop all the male appendage rubbish I get.

Crabtree: Verlaine reminds me of when I left Paris in the sixties with a broken heart but - hooray - it got mended:) I'll give Spam fighter a go when my trial is done.

PI said...

Mei del: because of that very sad time in Paris I thought I would never like autumn but am coming round to it.

Sam:the forbearance is all part of me trying to be a better person- also I was afraid of missing lunch. We're going to see 'Manon' - more later.

Randall: I have a large faux plant in the hall which my younger son says is exactly like marijuana. It's funny seeing people's faces when they spot it as they think it's real. As if!

Judy: I'm inclined to agree - it's certainly slowed everything to a snail's pace.

Sandy: heather is s good idea -it's very popular here and my BIL was president of the N American Heather Society for years.
I bought Pansies and stocks. Not yer planted.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, NORTON is the Best, in terms of Viruses...(I don't think they say they stop those other kinds of emails...lol) My Computer Wizard SWEARS by Norton and says you don't need anything else...Now, in regards to Spyware, which I don't understand at all...maybe you need other things for that, But NORTON is The Best Anti Virus one.

What a lovely outing, Pat...Besides that first place not signing very well...oh dear...How are people supposed to know....!
BUT, it sure looked comfy cozy by the Fireplace. I LOVE how all the Pubs and such having Blackboards with the Menu chalked in...!

You and your dear MTL seem to enjoy going on these lovely outings so very much. I think it is terribly romantic!

lom said...

You mean you didn't stay at the party? You may have enjoyed it. Ha Ha

tb said...

Norton is fine if it does not clash with your other software. For other nasties go to the link below and use Anti Malware it has saved my bacon several times!!

As for the Bicknoller Inn yes a notice or spoken word before committing yourselves would have been good -

PI said...

Naomi: I have had Norton since I got a virus a couple of years ago so I shouldn't grumble. I'll see what the French think when they 're here although they don't blog.
I told MTL you s aid it was romantic and he said I was very lucky! But then he said he was very lucky too:)

LOM: I enjoy parties when I know the people; a party of strangers would be a nightmare for me. And anyway I wa hungry:)

savannah said...

norton is what i use, even with a MAC. i do reading about your daytrips, sugar! (i'm feeling much better, thanks, just still a bit busy w/the move, etc.) xoxox

Guyana-Gyal said...

I wonder what the barman would've said if you'd pointed out the 'lunch is served' sign outside.

But you had a lovely day and that's the most important.

I so love reading about your outings, I go away with a great big sigh of satisfaction, thinking, there's so much good to look forward to xx

apprentice said...

Yes I'd have drunk the wine and then left.

Enjoy the garden. I've been putting pots back in the greenhouse, always a sure note that summer has flown.

PI said...

tb: thank you for the link - I'll have a look when I get my breath back.

Savannah; so glad you are on the mend.xox

GG:I'm practising rising above it and developing a bit of a halo.

Anna: just got back from Bristol to find Karen - my lovely gardener has planted the pots for me. Now they will bloom:)