Monday, October 27, 2008



Dancers and costume sketches from the English National Ballet's production which we saw in Bristol. As you can imaagine I'm up to my eyes with our French family visitors so will write about this later in the week.
Happy Monday!

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Anonymous said...

Just beautiful, Pat! I love ballet - there's something about the elegance and feminity of it. I recently went back to classes after a 15 year hiatus - never do I feel quite so ladylike as in class!

Enjoy le visitors

Kate Lord Brown said...

I love that Miss Diarist has taken up ballet again - a few of us have been joking about it while watching the girls dance ... Beautiful pictures. Oh to be 10 years younger (and around 10 stone lighter!) x

PI said...

Miss D: are you sitting upright now?
How great to be doing classes. My pin ups used to be ballerinas(and I am fairly normal:)

Guyana-Gyal said...

These photos [and the sketches] are beautiful. One day, I must see real live ballet.

Krimo said...

Je crois que ta famille francaise va se regaler, Pat!
Great photos.

PI said...

Kate : it is beautiful to watch but I believe they really suffer for their art. And were they all born with little bosoms or is it a result of the rigorous training I wonder?

GG: that is a treat you must experience - the music is a bonus.

Krimo: alas they are all in bed - i can't remember regaler and my dictionary is somewhere in the attic but they are well and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Thank you for asking:)

Anonymous said...

Pat - oh, yes! This is my third year of classes and I'm now managing pirouettes. The class is entirely made up of adults of similar ability and it's so much fun. Just wish I'd had the business idea myself!

PI said...

Miss D: I wonder if there are men in the class and if you ever do pas de deux's with them?