Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Say it with Flowers

Hail, Bishop Valentine, whose day this is,

All the air is thy Diocese.

John Donne1571-1631


If you want to see beautiful flower arrangements click on Kenju (Side bar)- the expert. Sadly, I am of the stick ‘em in a vase and hope for the best - as you can see. Different flowers have different meanings. Here are some of them:

Anemones – my mother’s favourites means ‘I expect you.’

Bluebell – Kim and Zinnia’s favourite means ‘Our love will last’

Camellia – blooming in my garden now means ‘I am longing for you.’

Heather – ‘good luck.’

Love –in –a –mist. ‘Do you love me?’

Poppy ‘Please wait.’

Primrose ‘I might love you.’

Red rose ‘I love you.’

Sweet pea ‘Gratitude.’

Viola ‘Let’s take a chance on happiness.’

Wallflower ‘Constancy’.

Will the Shake (as Hoss succinctly puts it) uses flowers all the time:-

‘And there is pansies- that’s for thoughts.’ Hamlet.

‘There’s Rosemary, that’s for remembrance; pray love remember.’ Hamlet

‘I know a bank where the wild thyme blows...’ Midsummer- Night’s Dream.

‘Away before me to sweet beds of flowers’ Twelfth Night.

‘The flowers are sweet, their colour fresh and trim’ Venus and Adonis.

'The fairest flowers o’ the season.'

' Are our carnations and streak’d gillyvors’. The Winter’s Tale

‘Nay I am the very pink of courtesy.'

'Pink for flower.’ Romeo and Juliet.

‘These blue-veined violets whereon we lean,

Never can blab, nor know what we mean.’ Venus and Adonis

'There will we make our bed of roses

And a thousand fragrant posies.’ The Merry Wives of Windsor

‘Come sit thee down upon this flowery bed

While I thy amiable cheeks do coy,

And stick musk- roses in thy sleek smooth head.’ A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

This is a day early as we have to go to funeral tomorrow.

Would you be happy with flowers on Valentine’s Day, and which would you prefer?


Kanani said...

I love Sweet Peas. I used to grow them up a trellis. Loved them!

Sorry about the funeral.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh yes! But in actuality, I would be happy with anything on Valentines Day..(lol). Red Roses would be lovely, or for that matter any color roses....! A little bit of Candy...just the mearest bit to say that it is "sweets" time....In a little red heart box, now that would be perfect! And you, my dear? What would please you for Valentines Day?

PI said...

kanani: I love sweet peas also. Pretty and fragrant - what more can one ask?

Naomi: I have a habit of
pre-em pting my presents eg we saw those beautiful anenomes - which remind me of my mother, and I suggested MTL may like to give them to me as an early Valentine's gift. Usually he forgets he has already given me something and gets something else. Wicked aren't I? Actually as long as I get a relevant card I'm happy.

Nea said...

I'd rather have something that lasts longer, like a bottle of whiskey... which is what I got...he knows me well.

PI said...

Nea: I don't really drink spirits now but I was always a whiskey rather than a gin girl. Bottoms up!

kenju said...

Pat, thanks for the compliment! I worked 9 hours today, but there was NO time to take any photos of the flowers. I doubt there will be tomorrow either.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Well, sure, if that's all the store had. But for real, give me chocolate. Expensive chocolate.

PI said...

Judy: don't worry - they only have to scroll down to see them. Hope you can rest soon.

Hoss: Belgian do you sir?

sablonneuse said...

I'd be grateful if Bear would just remember Valentine's Day. Flowers? Not very likely.
14th February is his ex-wife's birthday. He still sends her a card and phones her to wish her well. It's not that I mind hom doing that but I do feel hurt that he completely ignores me.

PI said...

Sablonneuse: I'm sending a big loving hug because I know how it feels. I had years of no Valentine's so I really appreciate it now. This morning we got up at different times and I thought 'Oh is this th first year he's forgotten?'
But it was all out on the kitchen table. I'm sure he does love you - just hasn't the nous to show it. What fools men can be.

zoe said...

I adore deep, red roses - but I never expect anything on Valentine's Day other than my domain name being renewed - or my coil! It's a practical excuse for us to renew (at our expense) something for each other.

I always renew Q's Private Eye subscription.

Anonymous said...

Fresias, a scent as dainty as the flowers.

Kath said...

I love rosemary! We have a plant out back that the dogs always brush by and then they smell like rosemary for a while :o)
My hubby gets me red roses, and I carried red roses in my wedding.

Happy Valentines!

PI said...

zoe: you are a hoot. thanks for reminding me how great it is to be too old for such things - coils not roses:)

Ad: fresias are especially nice in the bedroom. I'm trusting your spelling 'cos it 'aint in my dictionary.

Kath: we have rosemary too and I usually put a bunch in the waste bins. I got red roses today also as well as the anenomes.

Kate said...

Hello Pi I have just found your site and am relishing the pictures of the snowdrops which look glorious. My favourites are Freesia they are so delicate and with a perfect smell. I just got a card this year but at least it was something, my demented other (just call him that) is not a one for buying me flowers - he treats me all the year round, so I can't really complain. Cheers, Kate X.

Kate said...

Hello again Pi - Do you by any chance know the meaning of Lily of the Valley (Muguet du Bois)? years ago I used to love getting a set of that. Gosh I haven't seen that one for years, I suppose it would be considered old fashioned now.
Love Kate.

PI said...

Kate: glad you enjoyed the flowers and its better to have an 'other' who is good the year round and not just on V Day.
Lily of the Valley is 'You are sweet and pure'. that'll do me:)

Anonymous said...

Excuse the bovine-esque typo, I did, of course, mean Freesias.

PI said...

Ad: I'm happy to take your word for it. My spelling has gone to pot of late.

Sam, Problemchildbride said...

I am going to print this out and keep it. Thanks for it, hon.

PI said...

Sam: my pleasure:)