Monday, February 04, 2008

The White Horse -Stogumber

A cosy atmosphere

The bangers were ace - Williton Farm Shop

Back home by the Quantocks
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Dandelion said...

This is lovely, it warms the heart. But didn't anyone think you strange for photographing your lunch?

kenju said...

Pat, you and your friends always have such nice outings; I always enjoy hearing about them and seeing the pix.

PI said...

Dandelion: found you! I answered it above:)

Judy: that's lucky Judy because they all follow a pattern:)

moon said...

Loved all the photos, sounds like such a wonderful day...I had to giggle at the banger plate, the food was arranged to look like face lmao! Or am I still just a child at heart to have noticed lol.

PI said...

Moon: thanks for pointing that out:)