Tuesday, December 12, 2006



By William Shakespeare

When icicles hang by the wall,And Dick the shepherd blows his nail,And Tom bears logs into the hall,And milk comes frozen home in pail,When blood is nipp'd and ways be foul,Then nightly sings the staring owl -To-who;Tu-whit, Tu-who, a merry note,While greasy Joan doth keel the pot.
When all aloud the wind doth blow,And coughing drowns the parson's saw,And birds sit brooding in the snow,And Marian's nose looks red and raw,When roasted crabs hiss in the bowl,Then nightly sings the staring owl -To-who;Tu-whit, Tu-who, a merry note,While greasy Joan doth keel the pot

And I’m off with my pooter for its final health check.  I hope to be up and running tomorrow but I may be gone some time!


Dr Maroon said...

One of Will's?
I did not know that.

PI said...

Doc: please don't give me heart failure! But all's welll that ends well. There it is sitting in my Albatross by Will the Shake. It could be 'Love Labour's Lost'.

AndrewM said...

Who is this Greasy Joan?

Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

I looked it up - LLL, Act V scene II.

I like it when you put pomes in, Pat.

Z said...

I learned that at school when I was eleven. We were all a bit put off by the hissing crabs, until the teacher explained that they were apples!

apprentice said...

Argh it ate my comment. Anyway good luck with the 'puter!

apprentice said...

Argh it ate my comment. Anyway good luck with the 'puter!

granny p said...

Think I must have missed some of this? Pooters etc. Hope all well. Oh and naughty internet, but Bill S and winter still comes up well; if not for poor greasy Joan.

kenju said...

I have no idea what a pooter is - and I am not going to hazard a guess. I just hope yours is fine!


You like Morrisey??? You star!!!

Jax doin well. 1 Titanium rod n 5 screws in her back n well on the mend. Ta for the messages of support.

DRUNK PUNK RADIO SHOW this Saturday at midnight - instructions on me blog to listen if yer can - mail me a request n it'll happen.

Soz I ain't been around a bit. Lotsa stuff goin on as yer know. Haven't breathed properly for a week!!! x


Ta for the messages of support. Jax doin fine. 1 Titanium rod n 5 screws in the back.

DRUNK PUNK RADIO up n runnin midnight Friday. Hope to see(?) yer there. Instructions to listen on me blog.

Won't be any Shakespeare quotes I wouldn't think but yer never know!!

PI said...

andrewm: I'm guessing Dick the shepherd's squeeze.

Sam:if you're happy - I'm happy:)

z: My son no 1 was always scared of crabs in the downstairs loo. Not sure why. Enid Blyton?

apprentice: thanks Anna. More of that later!

grannyp: you are my literary expert - maybe you know more of greasy Joan? My computer had to go in for its final health check before the insurance runs out.

Judy: that's just my childish way of speaking about my computer. Incorrect also it should be 'puter. Sorry!

4d: delighted Jaz is doing well. I know she's a tough young lady and am trying to resist saying don't let her overdo it whilst she's still healing. Sorry - can't help it.
Life is hectic at present but will try to catch the show. Good luck and knock 'em dead!

kenju said...

Pat, maybe you don't know, but over here a pooter is a fart....LOL

And guess what? Michele sent me!

PI said...

Judy: ouch! That made me laugh. One forgets that though we speak the same language there are subtle differences.