Sunday, December 10, 2006



Son No 1 has just taken his son and three friends to see Morrissey.  Over thirty years ago I drove him and three friends to see James Brown at the Rainbow Theatre.  Quite a frightening experience as the car was old and the lights weren’t working properly.  I had no idea where to park but saw a police van drive up and a jeans clad man jump out of it.

‘Excuse me officer, could you tell me where to park please?’  He glared at me and I realised that I was blowing his cover.  I whispered ‘Sorry!’ and he quickly told me where to park the car.  It was an interesting evening.  James Brown and I were the oldest people there and in spite of the startled looks from the other boys I found
myself on my feet, waving my arms in the air to ‘I’m a Sex Machine’
I just hope son No 1’s lights are better than mine were.

Grandson’s verdict - enjoyed the show but said a lot of the fans were pretentious, bald headed men jumping up and down and annoying everybody!
Not like Grandma then!


R. Sherman said...

I found
myself on my feet, waving my arms in the air to ‘I’m a Sex Machine.’

As my daughter would say, "TMI, Dad."

Too Much Information.



(BTW, I was forced into the bar fight with Ze'ev on Ivan's comments. Wonderful chap, he is.)

PI said...

Randall; sorry about the TMI. BTW I learn all my acronyms from you.
About the spot of bother over at Ivan's, I am grateful for your support and very sorry to have involved others. Now it's time to move on!

apprentice said...

I hthink Morrissey is on his second reincarnation, so the bald men would be from his first -nice to know they didn't top themselves after all ;)

Heaven knows I'm miserable now..........

It us a midle crisis sort of a song.

You've been fighting? Never!

PI said...

apprentice:Morrissey at his most miserable makes me giggle I'm afraid. Fascinating the way he used to pull his sweater around. fighting? Me? Don't ask!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Haha, do your grandsons know?

You go, grandma girl!!!

PI said...

GG: I fear their father will have filled them in but they know me pretty well and would probably just sigh and roll their eyes!

Kath said...

that is awesome, I love hearing stories like that from you ;o)

PI said...

Kath: it's funny how history repeats itself.

kenju said...

I have no idea who Morrissey is, but James Brown still rocks - no matter how old he is.....LOL

PI said...

Right on Judy!

Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

Morrissey used to be one of my favourite singers back in the day. His revival excited me for about 3 minutes into his latest album and then I realized that it just doesn't work any more. All that bed-sit angst doesn't sit well on a Hollywood-living, designer-clobber-wearing affluent forty-something.

The old stuff will remain an indelible part of my past though. All that attitude! Those daffodils!

PI said...

Sam; I wasn't really a fan - just appreciated his oddness. didn't know about the daffodils. what did he do with them? The imagination boggles!