Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29th - Michaelmas

Michaelmas is the feast of St Michael the archangel. 
 Michael - 'who is like to God ' was the war cry of good angels in the battles fought in Heaven against Satan.  Michael was the greatest of the archangels and is honoured for defeating Lucifer in Heaven.
Because the day occurs on the 29th of September it falls near the equinox and is associated with the
beginning of autumn and the shortening of days.  Michaelmas marked the ending and beginning of the husbandman's year.
Michaelmas also marks the first day of the autumn term.
The lilac and purple asters which bloom at this time are known as Michaelmas daisies.
Michaelmas gales assail the waning year,
And Michael’s scale is true, his blade is bright.
He strips dead leaves; and leaves the living clear
To flourish in the touch and reach of light.
Archangel bring your balance, help me turn
Upon this turning world with you and dance
In the Great Dance. Draw near, help me discern,
And trace the hidden grace in change and chance.
Angel of fire, Love’s fierce radiance,
Drive through the deep until the steep waves part,
Undo the dragon’s sinuous influence
And pierce the clotted darkness in my heart.
Unchain the child you find there, break the spell
And overthrow the tyrannies of Hell.
Malcolm Guite

For Vagabonde


Anonymous said...


Pat said...

John: :)

Ms Scarlet said...

I think I spy fleabane amongst your previous pics.
I scattered it over my floors when I had cats...but eventually went to the vets and purchased some Frontline. Sigh...I am a sucker for an old wives' tale.

Keith said...

The Pagans call that day 'Mabon', the Autumn equinox when the light and the dark on that day are equal.

Just saying ;=) . . . . . .!

Mage said...

Michaelmas is also a magic day. :)

Pat said...

Keith: thanks for that:)

Mage: I didn't know that. Can't have too many magic days.

Pat said...

Scarlet: now I'm wondering which plant it is.

Vagabonde said...

I am late in coming back to your post but I enjoyed reading about St. Michael. I understand now the name for the daisy. My eldest daughter was born on September 29 but I never knew it was also St Michael feast. The funny thing is that her last 2 boy friends were called Michael and her current one is also a Michael – I bet she does not know about the saint either. The only St Michael I knew was the boulevard St Michel, in Paris, that I used to walk up and down when I went to school in Paris. There is a fountain there and I believe there is a statue of St Michel with his foot on some dragon. As you can see my religious knowledge is very limited (a free thinking upbringing did that.) I know a little bit about several religions but just a bit. I just went on the French Wikipedia – there is a good bit on St Michel – a saint for the Christians in the New and Old Testament and an angel in the Koran. I thank you for telling me and educating me about this.

Pat said...

Vagabonde: what a strange coincidence - your daughter's birthday. It is a great pleasure to think I may have told you something new.
Your blog is always illuminating.