Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I just felt like a tomato omelette.  I steeped the tomatoes in warmed butter and fresh chopped basil and flavoured the 2 egg omelette with fresh rosemary.
Presentation B minus
Taste delicious
Juices mopped up with a wholemeal roll.
A little less rosemary next time..


kenju said...

I doubt you could get too much rosemary for me - it looks delicious!!

angryparsnip said...

Oh Yes Please !
This looks so good.

cheers, parsnip

Mage said...

Put the rosemary on the side as a garnish....that'll get you an A on presentation. :) Now send it this way.

Pat said...

Judy: it was a comparatively new plant - my old one expired - but my goodness it didn't half pack a punch and stayed with me for the rest of the day.

Parsnip: you like colourful food too:)

Mage: next time I will:)

Granny Annie said...

My mother never put a meal on the table unless it had some color. She wasn't the best cook in the world but she was certainly good on presentation.

Pat said...

Granny Annie: grey and beige coloured food are very off putting. My Mum also wasn't a great cook but she would brighten up her potato pie with red cabbage:)

Chef Files said...

Shocked... with your breeding and upbringing, a well traveled, well dined, sophisticated woman of distinctive tastes. Yet you dare to serve such sumptuously good food on a patterned plate? Shocked...!

Next time dear lady, please, finely honed chives, cracked black pepper and a mere hint of marjoram and fresh oregano to be added to taste. And for the love of all things holy, wipe the darn plate (plain white) prior to taking the photie.

My, my, how I do miss having my tongue firmly in cheek when correcting an unforgivable kitchen faux pas.

JB xx

Pat said...

Chef: how maddening of you to appear when it is just too late to quiz you about the big question.
I promise you I wiped the plate vigorously - it wouldn't come off and I was ravenous. I admit when alone standards droop somewhat.
How are you?

Chef Files said...

Both religion and politics in Scotland, two subjects broached in legendary national greed and ignorance by those who should know better my dear woman. If I was to be consulted as to my feelings on the current 'dropped ball', I would have to decline to comment.

Let us just surmise that William Wallace will spin fervently for all the right reasons for quite a while yet.

My thoughts now turn to the north of Devon, Appledore to be vaguely precise. A significant location of beauty and wonderment to the sand filled and somewhat tired eye. I have a small business matter to expunge in sleepy Bideford before I shall tramp Autumnal grasses, take heart at rapidly golden turning leaves and carry a pole to the waters edge. Once seated in natures fragrant tranquility aside a cluster of generous brambles and a modest flagon of cloudy cider, plus a Melton Mowbray hearty pork pie, I shall listen as the crystal clear brooks carry the melodic tinkling of innermost peace towards my sun scorched soul.

Perhaps a car could be sent for your most delightful company? I see a much needed debate now raging as to how we might define the appropriate dining plate for those most special of occasions. Porcelain, as you are well aware, has an ivory color and consists of a mixture of kaolin, flint and feldspar. Bone china on the other hand has a pure white color and one of the main materials is ash from animal bones.

The choice is optional, but of course, one never settles for second best, especially as one of us once dined directly from a dented tin plate and a shared blackened spoon in the company of ten siblings.

On a final note, I am enjoying your enlivened thoughts of late, light and frothy, very uplifting to those of us who hold you dear. One could almost say that faith was being kept impeccably well. Do pass on my regards to those of our group, my late arrival at yet another faceless and mediocre airport has been ridiculously stymied due to my own time-tardiness.

I must dash, a rather rotund gentleman traveler of dubious nationality is beginning to perspire as once again the eye sees a hessian sack, but does not see a silk lining as we are mustered.

Cheerio hen...

Anonymous said...


Pat said...

Chef: Appledore awakes bitter sweet memories. Al and I used to gaze at it as we breakfasted at the nice hotel at Instow. Then he had a problem one night at dinner and in spite of the kindness of the hotel owner we couldn't face going again and for a couple of years rented a cottage at Fremington. It is a charming area.

Speaking of china do you remember kaolin poultices - boiling hot - to burst an abscess?
I hope you are having a peaceful time fishing and reflecting on how it is no bad thing to still be together. Take care.

Guyana-Gyal said...

I told a friend, the way to enjoy life is to do good things for oneself, it doesn't have to be big things.

An omelette, good music, a book.

I'm now hungry!

Pat said...

GG: I totally agree.

savannah said...

i am inspired, dear lady! xoxoxox

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I don't know how I missed this post....Your Omelette looks really yummy...! Have you ever tried Dill Weed in your Eggs? It's quite yummy, too!

Pat said...

Savannah: I'm sure you will make a better job of it.xoxoxox

Naomi: no I haven't but I shall now:)