Thursday, October 24, 2013

Something to look forward to.

For the last six months my main task has been to get MTL’s study into working order.  He could make sense of the chaos but it was something of a nightmare for anyone else.  I didn’t count the cardboard boxes full of files going back – roughly - 40 years – in triplicate.  Suffice to say you would never know that the carpet was a deep peacock colour.

Nevertheless it made sense to him and I was only too happy to hand any complicated paper work over to him.

 ‘Do I have to do anything about this darling?’

‘No – just hand it over and I’ll deal with it.’

I miss that.

 I’ve had to get used to dealing with my pet allergies: income tax, insurance, car stuff etc whilst that part of my brain has been on a glorious vacation for 30 odd years.  I suppose lessons could be learned from this but it’s a bit late for this poor cow.

Whilst we are at it – another thing I miss is the ‘Guess what darling…’syndrome.

Having learnt a spicy bit of news – only relevant to the two of us, and he’s not there to guess.

After countless evenings tearing up A4s - I didn’t fancy a shredder - and a hilarious bonfire experience with our French son I felt it was safe to book Mick and Mandy to transform the room with their wall washing , painting and decorating.  Thank goodness I decided to stick with the original colours because once the room was empty and freshly decorated there was no sign of MTL.  A bleak moment.

 Ironically my next task was to do my utmost to get it back to what it was – without the chaos.  When I’ve finished titivating I’ll attempt to post a photo.  I hope he would approve.

 Oh – something to look forward to; I’ve booked a cruise for next May – just me.  Something we never did and a place we’ve never visited: the Norwegian Fjords with – I believe - beautiful mountains and lakes – that he would love.

 I had a phone call this morning from a distant land asking to speak to my husband.

‘You can’t – he’s dead!’

‘May I have your Christian name Madam?’

 Flu’ jab today.  Do get it done if it is relevant to you.


Anonymous said...

a tough task, sorting the study ... and, worse, the 'guess what ...' moment.

those pesky calls ...

hope you have no pain from the 'flu' jab

Eryl said...

That must be difficult: finding some sort of way to take things in hand without eradicating his YTLness.

The cruise sounds marvellous, and I'm so pleased you are bold enough to go alone. I expect there'll be some fantastic photos posted here after that!

Rog said...

Fjords - excellent plan! Something to look forward to.

I'm very impressed with the colour of the carpet!

Kim Ayres said...


Pat said...

rosneath: I had a molar extracted the other day so the flu' jab should be a breeze.

Eryl: plenty of time to get my courage up:)Re photos - just lately my photos have seemed a bit blurry to me.

Rog: the carpet was here when we came in '85. Now replaced by the inoffensive donkey we have throughout the house.

Kim: :)

Exile on Pain Street said...

Cruise ships often use New York City as a port-of-call. Just saying.

Flu jab tomorrow. We should form a support group. Pin Cushions Anon.

Pat said...

Exile: hi!
Not this cruise ship alas.
Re flu' jab - glad you are being sensible - its never too early:)

Jack Bush and Elaine Bell said...

We've cruised twice now to Norway aboard Cunard. We love Cunard and all of Norway's ports are wonderful. What cruise line are you going with, if you don't mind my being nosy.

The Cloudcutter said...

The cruise sounds lovely! I'm looking forward to experience it vicariously through your pictures and writing :) I hope to travel to Norway some day myself to see the Northern Lights.

And may I just add, your grace and strength is just commendable. Hugs to you.

kenju said...

Good for you on tackling the study. It is a formidable task, I know.

Also good for you for booking the cruise. Neighbors of mine did that one several years ago and they were thrilled with their experiences.

John Greenwood said...

Wrap up warm! There will be plenty of like-minded souls on board for you to engage with! :-) xx

Mike and Ann said...

That's a coincidence. We had ours on Wednesday, thanks to our very good young G.P. (see last blog entry.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh, my dear Pat....You are an inspiration and such a lesson in living one's life as best one can....You are a brave dear dear woman. Your MTL would be so proud of how you are "Keeping On, Keeping On"....I know none of this was easy. And how GREAT that you have booked a Cruise....!
I don't know how you do it, my dear Pat, but you manage to survive and thrive, in spite of this loss that is incalcuable,
HUGS to you, my dear....!

Chef Files said...

My dear lady, of course he would approve. That is why your bond is so unique. Keep on keeping the faith.

A cruise you say? An excellent idea, just promise me that you will decline to steer the ship should an opportunity arise. The door mirrors are a little bit more expensive on cruise ships I believe.

angryparsnip said...

I think your MTL would approve of anything you are doing.
Goodness I have been thinking of taking a cruise like yours and/or the Viking one that goes down a river in Germany or France.

cheers, parsnip

Gadjo Dilo said...

Yes, he might well have loved the Norwegian Fjords with - beautiful and like Scotland, only larger!

AndrewM said...

You could end up like the Norwegian Blue - pining for the fjords!

Z said...

Over the last couple of years, my other half has started to hand over the insurances and so on to me, which is very sensible and I have no enthusiasm for it at all. Those 'guess what!' moments and shared feelings are something I still miss, once in a while, having with my mother. And we used to have an inoffensive donkey at one time, his name was Humperdinck.
I admire your backbone, love.

Granny Annie said...

I had a salesman call the other day and ask for "Ronnie". My response, Ronnie is dead and he hated to be called Ronnie. click.

You are accomplishing amazing things. A cruise alone...hum, that will be a brave excursion.

Pat said...

Jack and Elaine: I'm going with Fred Olsen - mainly because I found the brochure easy to follow.
I'm using our local travel agent and there were just 3 relevant brochures. My step-daughter who has done a few cruises reckons I'll be fine. Fingers crossed:)

CC: thank you. I would love to see the Northern lights too.

John: I'll hold you to that:)

Judy: it was a big decision but it makes sense. The beauty alone will suffice.

Pat said...

Mike and Ann: I thought at first you had had the cruise:)

Naomi: I really am a coward and there is a lot of whistling in the dark but I do have a guardian angel.

Chef: thank you for your comment which our French son found much more amusing then I did.

Parsnip: do take a cruise and we can wave at each other.

Gadjo: I remember being amazed at a mountain in Canada which was 3times as high as Ben Nevis

AndrewM: you'll have to explain Norwegian Blue

Pat said...

Z: Humperdinck couldn't be as inoffensive as our donkey:)
Backbone falter frequently I'm afraid.

Granny Annie: those calls catch one on the hop and its a mixture of tears and rage.
It's 6 months off. Plenty of time to bolster myself:) I hope:)

Mage said...

I do like your method of answering all of us. :) Yes, go and have fun. Yes too, before and after pictures would be delightful. :)

savannah said...

xoxoxoxox from the MITM and me, sugar! he always calls you "our english lady friend" looking forward to your cruise pics! much love from the plantation. ;~)

Guyana-Gyal said...

You've done well with all that packing up / sorting out, it's hard work. Enjoy the cruise, I know you'll make friends. And yes, remember to stay warm.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Quite a while after my father died, my mother would say, Ask your father. Or I'd say, I'm going to ask daddy. And people used to phone for him.

Pat said...

Mage: it's chatting to friends.
Photos to follow but not of the 'before' at its worst.

Savannah: that's a lot to live up to.
I may have to get a new camera. xoxox

GG: Every night when I'm closing my computer I hear an Alastair noise from outside the room. And when one is still half asleep in the morning its as if he is beside me and I try very hard to stay in that state as long as possible.

Ms Scarlet said...

Do you want a companion on the cruise? I am tempted. I have done a cruise of the Norwegian Fjords before, it's brilliant.
And you will have to tell us all the juicy gossip!

Pat said...

Scarlet: are you offering?

Ms Scarlet said...

I might be! God, I would love to. I love cruises.
Btw, I will be moving early next year... bit more north, and also a bit more west... not far from Bude but still in Devon. I will try to get my finger out and try to stop being such a wimpy hermit.

Pat said...

Scarlet; I'll look forward to that:)

lom said...

Moving forwards is slow, painful and at times scary, but you are doing great. :D