Sunday, October 27, 2013

Job done!
Alice said:
"I read on your blog about grandpa's office - how fantastic you've been able
to sort through! I've probably only been in there a handful of times, and only when I was younger
I  can just picture all the boxes!! They seemed to tower over me, although I was probably quite a bit smaller at the time!!"


OldLady Of The Hills said...

Ha Ha....Sweet Memories! It will be very interesting for her to see this room now that she is grown up and you've changed it so wonderfully!

Exile on Pain Street said...

You have a such a nice place. So comfy.

About Last Weekend said...

Cute little exchange, I can see her there, the boxes towering over her

Pat said...

Naomi: and she and her Dad and brother are coming in November :)

Exile : Dew Drop inn:)

ALW: she was so tiny I used to worry about her but she's taller than me now and lovely.