Sunday, October 27, 2013

Job done

A bleak moment.

That's more like it.
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Chef Files said...

It looks perfect dear lady. Bright and shiny as a new pin. He would be pleased...

The hat on the door is an excellent touch too, a perfect balance for the flowers. Now, how about we straighten those wee pictures between us, eh?

Left a bit, left a bit, bit more, right a bit, bit more, that's it, done. How about you put the kettle on for a nice wee cup of tea from the pot and a bit of an oul chat, eh?

Pat said...

Chef: honestly I'm not touching those photos/pictures again. My darling husband had the wispiest of paper rings and wispy threads on the back and its a miracle they are hanging at all. I did however gently clean them all with Windolene - and then left it in view.
It's in my DNA to dress the set - but I take your point about the flowers and the hat which is normally in the sun room.
Luckily I've just braved the gales to get some proper milk. Carrot cake?

kenju said...

It looks very nice now, Pat. I would use that room a lot! I know it was lots of hard work. Our office is still piled with boxes under tables and against the walls. We need some bookshelves - but we have no place to put them - so we will have to sort through the books and give away about 200 more. I hate not having them.

Chef Files said...

Aye, carrot cake would be grand hen.

Rog said...

Good work Pat! Particularly on photographing a mirror without appearing in it!

Lovely room - light, airy and tranquil. No sign of the external hurricane ;-)

Ms Scarlet said...

Looks lovely, Pat. My office is a disgrace, boxes everywhere, but then again it's never been unpacked properly... will sort it out when I move.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

It looks great! I think you did a magnificent job, my dear....I know how much time and effort went into this transformation. You deserve a Medal!!!

angryparsnip said...

Oh Pat it is beautiful and you did a fabulous job. I like your comment about "dress the set"'.
That was a huge job, Well Done.

cheers, parsnip

John Greenwood said...

A good job done, Pat!! xx

Mage said...

Bravo. Simply wonderful.

Mike and Ann said...

I think you've made a lovely, restful looking room of it Pat. And that panama hanging on the door gives it a very relaxed, lived in, touch.
Well done!

Granny Annie said...

You are amazing. Job well done!

Pat said...

Judy: it feels very tranquil. I think I'll keep it computer free and use it as reading room.


Rog: I just ducked.

Scarlet: yes it would be silly to do it twice.

Nami: its worth all the sweat to finally have a useful clean, fresh room.

Parsnip: well it did take me 6months

John and Mage: thank you:)

Mike and Ann and Granny Annie: I should have had a photo of 'before' but it was too awful.